Did you know?

My web designer was in Abu Dhabi recently and reported to me that Linx is blocked in that region of the world! I guess there are no dating sites that are allowed!

Our featured musical selection is The English Patient soundtrack. Every time I hear these songs, I get chills. If you haven’t seen this tear jerker (and I mean a major tear jerker), you gotta rent this love story and brilliant period piece. The musical score is genius. 

According to an expat website it reads, “censorship is still common in Abu Dhabi, with numerous web sites blocked in the emirate. Any material deemed to be offensive or inconsistent with the religious or political or moral values of the UAE is blocked. Skype, pornographic web sites and gambling and dating sites are blocked. However, most of the main social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are accessible.”

How are the Sheikhs going to hear about Linx in the United Arab Emirates?

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