Day: September 15, 2012

What NOT To Do ! Guys Fashion

I am currently en route to a birthday party for a young Silicon Valley mogul. A lot of his guests are on a bus en route to Hearst Castle for an evening of celebration.

Dah-ling…our featured song is an old school one- Right Said Fred…I’m Too Sexy. Don’t you remember playing with your friends walking on the fake cat walk? Ok, maybe that was just me. 

Only in Silicon Valley would you discover a lovely young male bus passenger looking quite dapper UNTIL you realize the tags are still on his sport coat including the stiching still on the back of the jacket from the manufactuer.

Oy vey! Speed dial fashion police dah-ling. Being friendly to all (including the worst fashion offenders), I mentioned it to him casually and he has yet to remove (oddly his GF wasn’t aware either nor has encouraged him to remove.)

Are tags on clothes the “new new” of the who’s who in the Valley?!