How to become a Linx Member

Linx is built on a network of trusted connections and referrals. Most of our new clients learn about Linx because a friend (whom we know and trust as a result) refers them into Linx. Those that refer their friends know we work with well-educated, dynamic, interesting, professional men and women who are typically centric to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

One of the easiest ways to refer a great potential client to Linx is to do an email introduction where you simply email me personally and CC your friend, thus warming up the opportunity. From there, I will start my review and, with the prospect’s permission, send over basic screening questions. Vetting and scrupulous screening is huge at Linx and that is a major reason why our clients choose Linx over other choices out there. We want to make sure that anyone who joins, adheres to the guiding principles of Linx.

If you do not know anyone who participates currently in Linx (or who has participated in Linx in the past), don’t worry. Please send me an email to: and tell me about yourself and why we should consider you as a potential new member of our network.

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