volunteering at Filoli

‘Tis the Season…

IMG_0071I recently went to Filoli estate in Woodside to their annual Holiday Traditions event to enjoy all of the decorated trees and stunning decor. Filoli is rich in history and is able to thrive from all of the loyal volunteers who run it.

This year, Holiday Traditions theme is “La saison d’ élégance,” — Season of Elegance. Inside the historic mansion, my mom and I got to enjoy all of the beautifully adorned Christmas trees, swags, and wreaths everywhere. Enjoy a collection of some of my favorite glimpses into the season of elegance…perhaps inspiration for your holiday decorating this year or next.
IMG_0074 Walls decorated in a separate building near the cafe on the propertyIMG_0039 copy Grand staircase in the main foyer of the estate. I love how the swag picks up the colors from the tapestry. IMG_0040 Up close, details from the swag. So pretty! IMG_0041 How can you not love this fireplace accented with the simplicity of white hydrangeas? IMG_0069 IMG_0042 All that’s gold is glittery and glitzy IMG_0070 Ballroom in the estate, stage ready for musicians…IMG_0043 There were many pink accents at this years event. This tree is no exception with lots of gold and pink ornaments gracing itIMG_0064 I absolutely LOVE this fireplace lined with dried colorful hydrangeas to perfectly match the wall tapestry. It is so elegant and absolutely breathtaking. IMG_0048 Did I mention that most everything is for sale at Holiday Traditions? When you enter, you are given a shopping bag and can take any ornament you desire off *most* of the trees or get your hands on a variety of holiday decor in baskets all throughout the marketplace. IMG_0063IMG_0046 IMG_0049 Yet another beautifully decorated tree! IMG_0050 Up close…no ornament should be too big or small. As you can see on this grand tree, 12 inch bird cages are nestled into it for this particular bird, feather, and hunting themed tree. IMG_0052 These little trees for purchase are studded with hundreds of vintage pins, brooches, buttons, and other accents. This would actually be a fun DIY project on a rainy weekend. In fact, you could start collecting random vintage buttons and pins throughout the year (eBay, garage sales, estate sales, or even your closet might have some treasures) and then head to a place like Michael’s to buy a styrofoam cone and a hot glue gun and have at it! These vintage brooch trees for purchase were in the $600 (+) range so imagine how fun and more economical it could be to do it yourself! IMG_0058-2 IMG_0068 icicles dripping from wooded arches in one of the hallways- gorgeous! IMG_0062 Such a pretty table…all dishes, flatwear, and decor available for purchaseIMG_0076-1 Another option for DIY for your home and/or holiday hostess gifts. IMG_0072IMG_0072 Filoli formal gardens in the winter are as equally gorgeous this time of year as they are in the Spring. I love all of the moss on this showy crabapple tree (malus floribunda)

Holidays at Filoli 2012

Last night, my family and I attended a gala at Filoli estate in Woodside which is a California State Historic Landmark. Filoli was built for Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers Bourn, prominent San Franciscans whose primary source of wealth were gold mines.

The house and gardens are traditional English style and architecture. The 654 acre estate has a rich history and is now operated by Filoli Center. Throughout the year, Filoli offers the public wonderful special events, exhibits, galas, teas, tours, and much more.  Love the little whimsical gnomes below on fireplace. 

Spring at the estate is always a spectacular wonder. To give you a sense of how many flowers were planted this year- 104,000 bulbs were purchased for the Garden for the 2012 display season. Bulbs were planted in the Garden beds and potted up into 3,300 display pots last fall. Tulips – 48,000 for garden beds and pots (18,000 in beds, 30,000 in pots, 47 varieties) Daffodils – 24,000 for garden beds and pots (36 varieties) Other bulbs (hyacinth, muscari, etc.) – 32,000!!

Last night was a winter wonderland with each room decorated to the hilt with Christmas decorations and sweet treats to purchase (owls were the main theme.) Below is a chandelier in the dining room covered in owls and greenery. 

Cocktails, live music, and a dinner followed.   The entrance to the home sparkled with white lights everywhere. The columns are made of white tavernelle marble and greet guests with Georgian grandeur.  The estate is always looking for passionate volunteers to help keep it running efficiently and smoothly.   Sweet treats in the kitchen of the estate for purchase.