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Our client is 57, but looks 47, 6’5”, 225, mesomorph without a workout fetish. He’s follically evolved, has kind green eyes, and a dazzling smile behind his Italian lips that masks the PTSD he experienced as a child with an army of metal wires in his mouth. Midwestern to the core, he still lives and dies home state sports and travels back regularly for games and to visit family. A man’s man, he always counseled his sisters never to trust an American who didn’t like football or a European who didn’t like football (the real kind).

He is overeducated. B.A (yes A) Mathematics, MS and PhD with a four-syllable major from Stanford. Tenured at a very prestigious university in the Bay Area. His motto is “Those that can do, those that can’t teach, and those that can’t do either become administrators”. He has compensated for his faculty salary (he told us “it’s good for the soul”), by founding successful startups and advising major corporations in technical intellectual property.  He’s also stepped in same, advising VC’s and Hedge Funds for over two decades.  Currently he is advising/BOD member of 4 startups in series A and B rounds.  La ti da.

But that’s not all. He plays jazz piano (and actually gets paid to do it) at venues in the Bay Area. He received his music education from a well-known music conservatory in the last century and often waxes poetic about the past (he’s truly an old soul). He also is an accomplished ballroom dancer, having won dance contests in dive bars over the years.  And there’s more yet. He also played D1 sports in college. His passion now is golf, holding a 3 handicap. However, don’t worry, he only plays about once or twice a week. He’s almost always the life-of-the-party and can regale you with life experiences such as searching for buried treasure on three continents.

He’s a grateful empty nester. He was married for 14 years, and is devoted to his son who is a college sophomore in southern California focused on baseball, study and girls (but not necessarily in that order).  He’s anticipating the next stage of his life and would love to find his muse. He’s looking for someone who is a yin to his yang. His ideal woman would be 40-60 years old, have humor, kindness, and be down-to-earth. She’s honest, adoring, fun, compassionate, and has sex appeal–perhaps a cross between Madeline Kahn and Sofia Vergara.

If you or anyone you know might make an exceptional match for our dynamic client, please email founder/CEO Amy at:

Thank you and have a great holiday weekend! ❤️✈️😘✨


This year has absolutely flown by at such a ridiculously fast pace that, at times, it is very hard to keep my head above water!

I feel like I say this every year but this truly has been the busiest year ever for us at Linx. So many happy couples, countless new clients (quite a few high profile individuals), incredible press (generated proudly with no publicist or PR agent), fascinating creative projects, and much more.

This week we are conducting screenings for one of our Silicon Valley VIPs and are super excited to be meeting a select handful of lovely women who have qualified. Our client wants us to be able to really determine if each “finalist” has that “it” factor and obligatory intangibles that are required for the long-term.

We help our clients define their list of intangibles when we first talk to them about their ideal match. To give you some sense of the depth we go with our clients, I want to take you through a simpler but illustrative exercise that aims to prepare you for 2014 regarding your hopes and personal goals. Start now and get ahead of the curve. tumblr_lvj0spreen1qhz76vo1_500

Take an hour in the next couple of days to write down (on a piece of paper) the top 5 intangibles that your dream match would have.

You might now be googling “intangible.” Go ahead and Google it to see what comes up as step one. Step two in my exercise is to think about people that you have met in your life that really just STOOD out and nearly *zapped* you like a thunderbolt because of their chemistry/energy… their magnetism that drew you in, somehow, some way…for whatever reason. tumblr_m8twxeTdbR1r4d8ljo1_5002

As you start to think about this person, do not limit my exercise to be about someone towards whom you have necessarily felt romantic. Instead, create a neutral slate where this person could be literally anyone you have ever had the pleasure of getting introduced to whether for business, academics, friendship, through your travels, family, volunteering, etc. For the purpose of this exercise I do think it is helpful to choose someone of the opposite sex. So if you are a female think about any man who somehow impacted you even on the smallest level. And for the men reading, think of any female (again this does not have to be romantic) who left an indelible impression (even if a very distant one). If your mind is leading you to your mom or dad, that might be telling.

If you are having trouble thinking of that person, take a break and come back to the exercise. Frankly you might have your “a ha” moment when you are least expecting it….driving to work, shopping for weekly groceries and all of a sudden you have your person. Excellent! Once you have selected one or maybe more than one person take the piece of paper and pen and begin to write down what you think were some of the qualities that impressed you the most. Why has this person left an imprint on your life? Was it that he/she was particularly gregarious? Compassionate? Curious? Sharp? Tender? Loyal? Devoted? Analytical? Ridiculously funny? Creative? Spiritual? Family oriented? Tenacious? Decisive? Nurturing? Stocksy_txpc00193e7nd1000_Small_23845

Once you have penned your list of, say, 5 adjectives that stood out, you are well on your way to creating the core ingredients that you need to find in a dream match for the long haul. These essentials are most likely the intangibles most key in your dream match. Even if you didn’t realize it until now, this could be what you have been missing in the search for the love of your life. It is very hard to find all of those qualities in one person so I’d like for you to extract just TWO that you cannot live without. Once you have two intangibles, keep those super glued to you as you date.

This exercise is also designed to focus you a bit more to better vet the men/women you date (especially if you are doing high volume online dating in conjunction to everything else you are doing to meet people). If you can tell he/she does not have those TWO intangibles from the start…move on. In conclusion, by doing this exercise you will start dating with a heightened perspective and keen awareness that most do not have. You are officially ahead of the curve and on a fast track to a bright 2014.

New to the City | Ways to Make Friends & Attract Lovers into your Life!

Dear Amy, 

I‘m 34 years old, in tech, and recently moved to San Francisco from the Mid West. I’m a pretty simple girl with honest values- think cornbread, apple pie, and balancing my checkbook every night before bed! 
Being new to the city and a city in general (always lived in pretty small towns), I signed up for a few different online dating sites. What I seem to keep running into is that I struggle feeling the chemistry with these guys but overall, they are really nice yet not for me. The good girl Mid West part of me hates to let them down after a date and share I’m just not feeling it. Is it OK to keep some as friends and how do I do that? 
A:  Welcome to the Bay Area. I am huge into telling friends and clients to always do at least 2 dates to really see if that chemistry can develop. My question to you is, are you giving each of these chaps a fair chance or writing them off too quickly. Remember that chemistry can grow in all sorts of funny ways and in order to see if there is something there, you need to go out a couple of times. If you follow my plan and do two dates and still feel nothing, by all means you can keep whomever you like as a friend. The question is, will he want to?! Rejection on whatever level is a sensitive subject and not easy for guys to handle with their ego in the way.   
A girl who is new to the city can never have enough good friends in her life, so one way to go about this is to pay him the biggest and most genuine compliment you can after your second date. Do this in person and not over email and definitely not text.
After the compliment, pose a question to him, inquiring if he is feeling the chemistry. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Get a conversation going. Then go in with the “I’m not entirely sure if the romance thing is there for me 100% but being new to the Bay Area, I’d like to keep you around, even set you up with a friend at some point. What do you think about that?” 
After you do this, your plan of action to not only keep him as a new friend but instantaneously get your name on the social map in the city is to be hostess with the mostess.
Our featured song for this entry is Sarah Vaughan Whatever Lola Wants by Gotan Project. This is a great song to get you into the party mood and to crank up at your soiree.
After your conversation with him, immediately get to work and don’t lose any momentum. Plan a festive and intimate party with him.
Have him invite 2 professional guy friends (if you are 34, their age is max early 40’s) and those guys invite 2 professional girls (ideally under 40) and those girls invite a friend each. Have everyone collaborate over email and each person brings an appetizer and bottle of wine under $20 from around the world. 
You host the party on a Friday or Saturday night and make sure your home is sparkling clean, candles lit, fun music on, and ready for your new friends party!  In doing this, you will meet new friends, possibly meet a cute new guy who you will feel that chemistry with, and feel welcome in your new city by the Bay!
The email invitation reads something like this: 
Who: Amanda Smith and Craig Baylor
What: Drink your way around the world and meet new friends for some networking, friendships, and fun
Where: Amanda’s new city apartment on Jackson street.
When: September 22nd at 6:00pm
Why: Everyone needs a reason to have fun after a long work week and I’m new to the city!
Please bring a bottle of white or red wine under $20 and it must be from out of the US. Think Australia, New Zealand, South America,
Iceland?!  Feel free to bring an appetizer too. I will be making my favorite artichoke dip and savory cheese fondue as well.
Please bring a friend of the opposite sex too!
Parking is grim, so cab if you can or roll the dice with parking.
See you soon!
Amanda and Craig
If you try this, you are guaranteed an entertaining night and to get on the social grid. You will be considered by these new friends to be a sophisticated catch, who is sweet, social, friendly, and smart.
The word will buzz around and next thing you know, the boys will be calling.  This social strategy for meeting new people could be applied to even those who are in graduate school programs at Stanford University. What a great way to meet new prospects for friendships and love!
And no concerns if you have a tiny apartment. At the end of the day, your guests will be thankful for the invitation and don’t care about a small space. You can move tables, chairs, stand around, ask the guys to help move furniture if needed. No excuses! Now get party planning and report back to  I want an invite too! 😉

Linx Wardrobe Consult

One of our newest summer bachelors’ has come to us after spending the last several years focusing on his career, traveling and enjoying time with his buddies.

After meeting him and getting to know him – we are thrilled to welcome a kind, intelligent and charming new client to Linx.
Our featured song for this entry is Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance 
We immediately began with the basics – a little wardrobe consultation to align his personal style with his quiet and confident personality.

I had him send over his measurements and clothing preference, from there I visited Neiman Marcus over the weekend and pulled some conservative and tasteful looks for him.
This week, our bachelor arrived to NM to a rack filled with looks (casual day date to a dressier night out on the town look). Guys don’t want to have to think about clothing. Our services make it so easy for them to simply show up and *magic* the work is done!
It’s amazing what a huge difference a few pairs of perfectly fitted jeans, nice button up’s, a couple cashmere sweaters, basic t-shirts, a gorgeous Armani sport coat, light
jacket, and Ferragamo drivers can do! And to top that…what some good tailoring can do! 
It was so much fun watching him transform before our eyes, literally and figuratively! With just a few tips and feedback on his attire – he was truly so happy and excited with his new looks.
A few fall fashion tips for any men out there who would like to get the inside scoop on what women think. 
– Layering is a very sexy look (especially for Fall and Winter.) A nice pair of fitted pants, t-shirt underneath, button up, a nice sweater/cardigan and coat.
– Get creative! Try new colors, patterns, mix and match for a fresh and stylish look!
– A pair of nice casual shoes and one that is dressier.
– Whatever you choose to wear, be sure you are comfortable and aim to look good effortlessly!
-If you aren’t feeling “it”, don’t buy it. You need to be yourself and feel good
about your new look.

Success! VIP Bachelorette Search Event Last Week!

Last week we spent July 10th, 11th and 12th at the luxurious St. Regis hotel in San Francisco searching for the perfect, needle in a haystack, dream bachelorette for a young 32 year old VIP bachelor client.

Our featured song is Jody Watley Looking For A New Love. 

My assistant, Aimi, and I checked in and literally hit the ground running for the next few days (in my typical style, I only left the hotel from check-in on Tuesday to departure at 1:00am on Saturday for 5 minutes mid week for a quick breath of fresh air!)  The style was individual private meetings with exceptionally stunning and brilliant women who had submitted their information as part of this search. In a few cases, my team recruited some women that we felt should be considered for the event. 

These women couldn’t have been more impressive, poised, fun to be around, and taking this process so seriously. I really am still flabbergasted at the quality of these women (think Ivy League education, young professionals, having it ALL going on, very attractive, family values, sweet, witty, and warm hearted.)

It’s been such an honor that our bachelor has brought us on board to help him find the love of his life and truth is, we had no idea (nor did he) what a successful turn-out this event would be. 

The stage was set in our luxe suite at the St Regis and our bachelor wanted each detail to be perfect. Every. Little. Detail.

Think – gorgeous suite at the St. Regis with sweeping views of San Francisco, multiple exotic floral arrangements, hand crafted chocolates as thank you gifts, French champagne, artisanal breads and cheeses, candles and soft music. The setting was super comfortable and environment conducive to open-up about love and potentially getting to meet this class-act of a gentleman.

The pièce de résistance was a collection of giclée canvases that our bachelor requested being showcased in the suite. What guy thinks of these things?! He is so creative and has such an attention to detail that so many do not. From a canvas about his passion for skiing in Europe, to a simple painting of a serene moonlit landscape, the idea was to inspire stories/ideas/thoughts from each of the lovely women that attended. 

We spent very long (15 hour plus and yes lots of coffee fueling us) exciting days personally sitting down and meeting each candidate asking them intimate details about their relationship history, family background, and what is the most challenging aspect about potentially dating themselves!  Aimi and I enjoyed a couple of late nights in our St Regis bathrooms burning there midnight oil! You can imagine that there were so many stories and personal thoughts we had to put into a document for our bachelor , that THIS part of the week was extremely labor intensive for us. I’ll tell you no other matchmaker anywhere would ever think to go to this length or desire getting every scrupulous detail to ensure a successful outcome. Every. Little. Detail. 

Candidate after candidate, conversation after conversation- we were so impressed at the underlying elegance and openness that these women brought to this cool opportunity. I think most agreed that this opportunity was just so hands down unusual. It isn’t typical for a guy in the Bay Area (San Francisco no less) to retain a company like Linx to help him in his quest for his dream wife (especially at his young age.) Most 32 years old are doing the Chestnut Street bar crawl. Tipsy Pig no thanks!

In my conversations leading up to the event, he really could not believe that these gorgeous and smart women were there to potentially meet him! He was so  honored and just really blown-away by the whole orchestration and overwhelming response. In a meeting leading up to the event the night before, he sat across from me, almost teary eyed at how blessed and humbled he felt. 🙂

As exciting and interesting as this entire journey has been – the hardest part is all the anticipation as to who our VIP Bachelor will choose. It just takes one girl and the reality is he is making some careful decisions currently. He might choose one or two to have dates with, maybe more, maybe less. In the end, these girls might realize they don’t want to meet him. It goes both ways. Something tells me this won’t be the case.

We will be doing more VIP events in the near future and possible an international search as well. Linx is always looking for the next VIP client to allow him or her to help with their dream search and making every little detail count!



This Weeks Featured New Clients

Our featured new clients this week: 

(1) A Caucasian, tall, slender, graceful, blond who is in her late 30s, very well educated and working in the internet real estate industry. She’s classy, soft-spoken, and feminine, while also dynamic and independent. She has a wide range of interests and prides herself in being an avid traveler – two of her recent trips were the Hamptons and Switzerland. This fabulous woman loves sports and spends time watching baseball, football, and tennis and enjoys live sporting events (her sports knowledge can probably rival any guy’s). Her ideal leading man is Caucasian, sophisticated, geeky, eccentric, quietly confident, and preferably tall. Deal breakers include: too Type A, aggressive, and doesn’t want kids.  

 (2) An incredibly wholesome late 20s Caucasian woman residing on the Peninsula. She is a graduate of a top liberal arts school and also has a Law degree.  Physically she is 5’ 7” and naturally beautiful with fair skin, dark long brown hair, and a very sweet smile. Her interests include cars, entertaining for close friends and family, old films, the arts, and reading… she considers herself a voracious reader (favorites include The Power of One by Bryce Courtney, Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford, and most things by Agatha Christie)   Her ideal match is a dynamic gentleman of any ethnicity, intellectual, geeky, a good communicator, and family centric. Deal breakers include: life-of-the-party, apolitical, has kids, over 42.

(3) A thoughtful and inquisitive early 40s Caucasian gentleman, Ivy League educated for his undergraduate and postgraduate, he spends his time as an executive at a hot tech company.  He is funny, down to earth, liberal, and very kind-hearted. His passions include daily swimming, reading fiction, skiing, tennis, lots of laughter, wine and entertaining. This gentleman has lived all around the world. Including Canada, Europe, and the East Coast. He grew up Christian, appreciates Buddhism, and would like his dream match to have a spiritual core to her.  His perfect match is a naturally beautiful woman in her early to mid 30’s, any ethnicity, and ideally career driven and either in (or with experience having been in) a leadership role. Importantly, she is intellectually curious, has an unwavering happiness about her, is thoughtful, and quick witted. Deal breakers include: very traditional, conservative, moody, over 36, atheist. 

(4) A vibrant and athletic Caucasian guy in his mid 20s, Stanford educated, and now working for a very well known tech company. His best physical features are his contagious smile, football-like physique, strong broad shoulders and dark brown features.  Being a total guy’s guy, he loves sports, trucks, poker and BBQ-ing with friends and family.  He’s young and extremely goal oriented, down to earth, funny, and just an overall fun guy with a very cheerful and “can-do” energy who is ready for commitment. He is looking for this same positive energy in his match – someone who enjoys the little things in life, leads an active lifestyle, enjoys dining and entertaining, and can be equally comfortable in the city drinking fine wine or appreciating the country life kicking dirt around listening to a country music concert.  She is Caucasian, Latin or Asian American ethnicity under 30 years old, petite with curves, bubbly, sweet, and smart. Deal breakers include: curly hair, extremes with religion, has kids, doesn’t want kids, atheist, and someone who is too environmental.  

If you feel you make a wonderful potential match for any of these clients, please contact Amy today!

Modern Dating

Today I received an email from a new client who really appreciated the document that we attach to all Linx introductions, officially entitled “Linx Dating’s Hints For Successful Dates.”

The number one point I make in this guide is “When you receive your Linx introduction, throw the idea of Googling your match out the window!  Why do you think we stopped sharing last names after all?! There is something very appealing about creating some intrigue and mystery in building up to the first date. If you know too much, it can spoil the fun!”

In reading this document, the new client (a female) emailed me saying, “You are a genius–saving us from the post-feminist catastrophe one match at a time. I love your guidelines for dating! I’m sure everyone feels this way. I was concerned about Googling; since my name is unique, it’s very easy to find me.”   

While she appreciated the simplicity of my date etiquette, I just had a male client text me after he received his Linx introduction asking me what his date’s last name was. Even though this is a VIP client of Linx, I wrote back and said “you know I can’t give that information out, it is private.”

Why would he need to know? What’s the point of revealing something like that? Isn’t a completely customized bio of whom you are going out with enough, including an attached mobile number? I think, in this era, that so many of us feel the need for more. More data = more better?! More data = more comfort in knowing whom you are going out with? Or more data = I will finally find evidence that makes me not want to date this person? What is the point?

It begs the question. What did people do without the internet when dating?  Did you go to the library? Did you call a neighbor? Did you meet at a coffee shop to find out MORE information about your blind date from your friend setting you up? To expand on that, what did people do without mobile phones when dating?

Has the amount of information and technology available hurt the dating scene or enabled more opportunities, deeper resources, and aided in the quest of finding the one? What do you think?

Becoming a Client

What makes a good potential client for Linx Dating?

Most importantly, it is someone who has typically dabbled with other approaches for meeting eligible singles (i.e. checking out what online dating is like, setups through friends, going out on their own, etc.) and certainly someone who meets the overarching standards for the “type” we work with (educated, accomplished, well-rounded, interesting, fit, and marriage minded.)

Beyond those overarching points, a good new member of Linx is someone who can relax their ideal match criteria, in the sense that they are not unreasonably restrictive – someone who has their core “value set” of what they desire in a match but, beyond that, can be extremely elastic with their criteria.  This does not mean that a member shouldn’t have standards… it means that they should know what is most important to them and optimize from there.

This week I’ve had to reject a fair number of “good on paper” prospective clients for membership. Today was a case of a 39-year-old woman based in San Francisco who absolutely would not go above 45 years in age for her target guy. The ugly truth is that the odds are stacked against someone like this due to pure demographics. A lot of guys between 35 and 45, who have never been married before, desire biologically younger. 

When I explained that casting the widest net is really important in this process and that, knowing my business so well, I recommend she go beyond that age, her response was “no.”  I knew immediately that this prospect would be difficult on a lot of levels.  Not only is she too restrictive, she is not matchable to our male population.  Seeing how uninterested she was in even trusting from the start (considering I am an expert), my gut knew it was not a good fit.

Linx is NOT always about matching clients to older folks where there is not commonality… quite the opposite. Rather, it is about focused search and openness.  Finding a perfect match is already hard enough.  This is why I try to discern whether a potential client has thought hard about what is most critical to them (or else help them get there), and to see if they can chuck that long list of “must haves” and realize that not everything on that list is a “must.”

This also goes to show that Linx is different from so many run-of-the-mill, “overnight” matchmakers. Pretty much the majority works with each and every type of person regardless if they are matchable. Little screening, zero vetting, and no methodology. There are so many steps that go into our process and, at this stage in the game, we have to make sure each person is a good culture fit.

VIP Searches- searching for the perfect guys

We are always on the hunt for great guys for our fabulous, incredibly bright, and attractive female clients. Please check out these descriptions and see if you or anyone you know might qualify. 

Our first featured female client is a pretty Indian woman who is 33 years old. She is 5’6″, with gorgeous glowing hazel eyes, and a nice feminine athletic figure. Our client is very family centric and grew up in the Bay Area. She attended Stanford for undergrad and an Ivy League for her graduate degree. She’s a hard working professional who has crossed the chasm and is positioned to meet the man of her dreams. She’s not huge into the bar scene, nor online dating, and when push comes to shove, it is hard to locate a like-minded match. Some of her passions include snowboarding, family, travel, yoga, and alumni work. She is a gentle soul, who is loving, kind, empathetic, calm, and balanced. Her dream match is in his 30’s, Indian is a must, and a good guy who lives his life with intregrity, passion, and family values. He’s ambitious, established, and it would be fair to say traditional too.  The archetype for this dream guy would be a young Vinod Dham- very intelligent, an innovator, family man, and funny too!

Our second featured female client we are searching for is a gorgeous, bubbly, mature, and breathtaking 22 year old who is Palo Alto based. She is 5’8″, Caucasian, with long brunette hair, feminine, and stylish (the photo below resembles her very much). Some of her passions outside of her exciting career are dancing, horseback riding, cycling, water skiing, cooking, and baking.  She is incredibly sweet, down-to-earth, and leads her life with a very strong moral compass rooted in Christian values. Despite her young age, she is ready to settle down and start a family! 

Her ideal guy is 31 max, Caucasian, 6’1″ and up, beefy, and masculine! He is All-American, most likely played sports growing up, is a total guys guy type, old-fashioned, confident, and very mature- since she is extremely mature. He can totally picture getting married in a couple of years with some adorable rug rats at home and a stunning wife who will love and cherish him forever. Ideally the household would be a spiritual one where Christianity in welcome and embraced. The archetype for this dream guy would be Blake Griffin.

Our third featured female client is mid 30’s, Caucasian, and a slender 5’5″. She is based in San Francisco and loves the Bay Area, yet travels all of the time for pleasure and work as a consultant. She is extremely well educated at one Ivy League for her undergrad and another for her MBA. She is very natural in her appearance and isn’t into the glam girlie thing at all. Patagonia, North Face, and classics when needed from Banana Republic are more her type. She loves roughing it in the great outdoors from camping, any adventures, skiing, and strenous hiking. Our client is up for anything pretty much at anytime (climbing the Andes, swimming with sharks, entertaining at her home, or closing a bar down.) Never one to accept mediocrity or the status quo, you will find her to be exceptional in everything she does in her life. Her ideal gentleman is up to 45 years old, any ethnicity, and fit. Previously married or never married- it doesn’t matter. Her dream guy must be uber intellectual, confident, super down-to-earth, and loves the outdoors as much as she does.  He is a family guy who can definitely envision playing flag football at Thanksgiving with the kids and would be so very honored to have such a kind, smart, and loving wife. The archetype for this ideal guy would be Anderson Cooper.

VIP Searches – searching for the perfect woman

At Linx we get a lot of unique requests for matches and often we have to be very frank with the client letting them know that we need the utmost flexibility to search out of the current database of clients, exercise all options, and recruit on their behalf. Thus this type of client becomes a VIP of Linx Dating.

Please check out a handful of our recent VIP searches and see if you or anyone you know might qualify. Often we are able to waive all major fees for these special opportunities.



Our first featured VIP is in his early 30’s, handsome with a baby face, 6’0″, Caucasian, and very well dressed opting for Brioni, Loro Piana as two examples. He has never been married, doesn’t have kids, and wants a family very much. He is well-educated, holds a leadership position at his firm, is very established, a home owner, and is used to the finer things in life. Backstage tickets to concerts, jetting off to Europe to eat the best pasta in Italy, uncorking an incredible vintage of Burgundy, this gentleman seeks a match who would be as equally excited about these luxe things in life.

He is picky and we won’t fabricate this fact. He is looking for a girl who, like him, comes from a good background. She is classy, elegant, and sophisticated (without the snobby factor).  She is between the ages of 25-35, pretty, slender, and loves staying active. Caucasian or Mixed heritage only. His dream girl has a very good relationship with her family, a confidence where she can hold her own in any situation, a well-worn passport, and a wardrobe filled with bikinis for the sun and ocean, as well as, some gorgeous dresses for fancy events. This VIP is a major catch and a life with him would be a life of luxury, fun, family, and  elegance. You will be not only be his precious gem in a marriage but also his intellectual equal, capable of making important decisions and managing a lot of responsibility. The archetype for his ideal is Ivanka Trump. 


Our second VIP is in his early 50’s, married one time, and with 4 kiddos. He is Marin based and if you live south of SF or the East Bay, please do not respond to this inquiry as he only wants Marin or San Francisco. He is Caucasian, 6’2″, very athletic, and a good-looking man who opts for the more casual look of jeans and funky dress shirts. He is very sporty and loves tennis, skiing, hiking, cycling, and golf. He also loves his wine and sitting on his deck and chilling out. Our client is looking for a very special woman of exceptional beauty. She is in her 30’s and would embrace a situation where her partner wanted to have another baby. His dream match is Caucasian and ideally blond, large chested, and has sex appeal. Yes the bar is high and he simply won’t settle otherwise. His dream girl oozes sexiness, is playful, active, and very family centric. A life with this VIP will be filled with fun, curiosity, and being totally spoiled by her man! The archetype for his dream girl is a Pam Anderson or Dita Von Teese.


Our third featured VIP is late 30’s, Caucasian, 5’11”, and slender. He is extremely well-educated holding his Ph.D, a seasoned entrepreneur, and essentially retired. This VIP is the classic Silicon Valley success story- Stanford educated, starts multiple companies, sells those companies, and now wakes up single and desiring to locate his dream girl. He is culturally Jewish, loves a good party, a great book, travel, dining, playing the guitar, and having fun! He can act goofy at times and we won’t hold back saying he can get trapped in his head too as he is extremely cerebral. His dream girl is in her late 20’s and up to mid 30’s. She is Caucasian, Latin, Mixed, or Indian in heritage. She is slender, sexy, and maybe as a funkylook to her- think sexy jeans, amazing camisole, colorful pashmina, and long earrings. She is a brainiac, capable of challenging her man, and pushing the intellectual envelope. Ideally she attended a top 10 school and if she attended Stanford, all the better.  She is sweet, funny, down-to-earth, yet with an edge that can push back gently with respect. The archetype for this match might be the real-life Rooney Mara or a Natalie Portman.


Our final featured VIP is a 40-year-old Caucasian gentleman who is 6’2″, athletic, and keeps fit from surfing and kickboxing. He is divorced, with no kids, and would love the option of having children. He spends in his time working and living in San Francisco and loves the city life. He’s a complex guy who is extremely smart, quick-witted, and will cut to the chase in pretty much any situation. Ivy League educated including holding an MBA, he serves as his company’s CEO in technology and will continue to do big things professionally. He has worked on himself and is now positioned to find true love. His dream match is 25-38 years old, any ethnicity, and taller is better. He loves a cool sense of style and is definitely not looking for an ultra feminine girlie girl- so if your best girlfriends are from your sorority, you relax from a long day with the RH on Bravo, and have a closet full of Nanette Lapore- he’s just not that into you from the start. She might be a “hot nerd” and is definitely worldly. Our VIP takes great pleasure in cooking up elaborate fun dinners and wouldn’t be shy about inviting his local barista, another CEO, a founder of a company, a volunteer from MOMA, and a neighbor as an example. His dream girl wouldn’t turn her nose up at an incredibly eclectic dinner party as such and instead she would embrace the opportunity, drinks lots of wine in the process, help in the kitchen, and engage in intellectual debate of all sorts. The archetype for this dream girl would be CNBC Erin Burnette.