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Announcing New VIP Search | Looking for an International Man

We are conducting a new VIP search for a sophisticated, loving and caring 38-year old Caucasian woman. Our client has beautiful hazel eyes, a warm welcoming smile with the ability to really make anyone feel at ease and an hourglass figure that her dream man will find very sexy. She’s 5’4″ with medium length reddish brown hair and carries herself with elegance and a classic sense of style. To stay active, she enjoys walks with her dog along the gorgeous Santa Monica beach, plays tennis, and adheres to a vegetarian diet.

Originally from the East Coast, she came out west to LA for a fruitful, demanding career as a successful exec in the entertainment business. Now that she’s achieved career accolades, it is time to focus on two major things in her life: creating balance to enjoy the hobbies and charities she finds gratifying and more importantly, to find the man of her dreams. photo Another spectacular day for a walk in Santa Monica.

Linx has been retained to help navigate the waters and place her across from the man she is longing to meet. We are excited to discover from our client that although she is based in Los Angeles, there is tremendous intrigue if he is outside of LA. view from the plane The view from the plane en route to a weekend getaway. Where to next?

Our client is best described as: generous, loving, loyal, kind, witty, and articulate. She has a huge, loving, and unwavering heart. Outside of career she looks for levity in everyday moments, having a great sense of humor and would love to embrace life together with her partner. Of importance, our client has not been married and does not have copy 2My co-pilot and I often wonder, where do all these cars come from in LA?

Passions and hobbies that she enjoys range from: interior design, art, friends, culture, films, opera, traveling, charitable endeavors, and watching sports (especially NFL and college football games.) She’s the type who can hold her own in pretty much any situation and would make a tremendous leading lady next to her perfect match for any occasion in life. You will find her to be a great conversationalist and someone who is very much “in the moment” at all times, listening, and engaged in getting to know you. vineyard A quick weekend escape to Napa Valley and the relaxing view from the hosts home

Who is her match? Since our VIP is mature for her age, we feel she is best suited with an older, distinguished gentleman up to his early 60’s. Age is just a number in our clients eyes. Physically, she loves a clean-cut man and is very attracted to the “silver fox” type. Her match has bright eyes, a warm smile, and is a sharp dresser. The idea of an international man is appealing to our client- maybe he travels abroad, was born abroad, has a home elsewhere, or desires traveling the globe with his match. In fact, maybe you are a Brit, Aussie, Kiwi, French, or other? Worldly is sexy for our client!

riends would describe you as: charming, even-tempered, compassionate, intelligent, powerful, loyal, and masculine.We picture our client with someone who has been married before and might very well have children. She loves kids but doesn’t feel the need to have her own. Instead, her focus is to find the right partner and have a great life together without the pressures of needing to have kids. If you feel you might make the perfect match for our client or you have a friend who could be interested, please email us today:

There are NO FEES associated with this opportunity and potentially a lot of upside. What are you waiting for? Flag_-_Union_Flagq-icon-scottish-flag-3New_Zealand_flag_at_Auckland_AirportAustralian+Flag

This week at Linx

love getting sweet comments and emails from members. Today a male client who is such a catch said this to me, “You always have the best emails ever. You’re like an angel sending me good vibes by email… Super happy about it!” Aimi and I are working really hard on his behalf screening various candidates to potentially match him to. I want him engaged in 2013..the clock is ticking!

I love being my clients matchmaking angel. I had a great call with a young fab female client today who is making some important decisions soon about focusing energies possibly on one of her matches and becoming exclusive. Yeay for successful introductions.  I also got word from a female VIP that things are going really well with her match. They aren’t exclusive yet but his words indicate that he feels very strongly about her and his behavior tells me that it is only a matter of time before they couple up as boyfriend and girlfriend.

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice First love letter sent by Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett


Yesterday I attended a Super Bowl Birthday party on the peninsula and sat next to two mid 20’s girls. One leaned over and asked “what I do” for a living. When I said I was a professional matchmaker they both squealed and couldn’t believe it.

Both girls I met lamented about how hard the scene is out there. One of the girls said “just match me to someone who is smart and has a job.” She said the last guy she dated was smart and had a job but admitted to how “ugly” he was. She couldn’t bear the thought of a make-out, let alone sleeping with him. Yikes. The other girl said one guy dumped her because she wasn’t attractive enough- mind you, she is a cutie. She said dating has been so stressful, her MD thinks she has post traumatic stress disorder because dating is “that” stressful to her and she’s been taking time off from all the guys treating her poorly. I hate hearing stories like that! Dating can be stressful but it shouldn’t affect you in such severe way.

We are gearing up for an interview tomorrow and a wardrobe consultation that I am super pumped up for. The client is a new member of Linx and in his late 20’s. I have a soft spot in my heart for him as he is someone who is so willing to go the extra mile and do what it takes to find love. We will be featuring some of his wardrobe consult on the blog at some point hopefully this week. Then we get ready for tons of mini interviews in Palo Alto as part of our casting call. I’m so excited to meet these women and see if they have that “it” quality we look for. This casting is so popular we are having another in March.

Lots of new matches will be made this week as well and calls with many prospects. All in all a great week in store for Linx!