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Another Linx couple gets engaged

We obsess about our clients and have a special affinity with those who are coupled up. Linx’s small side venture, Princess Proposals, had the pleasure in helping one gentleman client plan his perfect proposal to his now fiancé, Rachel just yesterday. 

This couple were first matched in August of 2011 (both one another’s second Linx introduction) and quickly became exclusive shortly after summer of last year.  

They bonded through their love of the outdoors, fitness, and faith. What I really respect about watching this happy couple from the side lines was no drama, honest intentions, and just no matter what they always are so content with one another. No need for high end wining and dining or 5 star trips to woo one another. 

Mark came to me about one month ago, certain that he is ready to take the next big step with Rachel and expressed that he wanted a little help to plan the perfect proposal. He already had a very elegant and special ring custom made, the perfect cocktail dress picked out for her and together we  brainstormed on the location being at Cavallo Point in Sausalito with glorious San Francisco views. 

Running Linx has brought me so much joy, seeing happily exclusive couples occur as a result of joining Linx. In starting Princess Proposals I wanted to be a small part in helping the couples plan for the perfect proposal before taking the next BIG step together; making it a seem less and everlasting memory for the couple. 

As I’ve been working with Mark and Rachel for almost exactly a year now, I really got to know them and learned that they are both just so down to earth, enjoy the simple things in life and are so genuinely grateful for the connection they have with one another. I worked with Mark this past month on planning the special little details of the day – including: having photos printed, hand writing a love letter, finding out what her favorite colors are, helping him plan an itinerary for the day and really walking him through each step and just having him focus on the most important thing – the actual proposal and his soon to be fiancé. Stress free!

I wanted to make sure that Rachel felt like a princess throughout the entire day and had so much fun gathering the photos from Mark and loading up with beautiful decorations for their  dinner table at Murray Circle and their contemporary VIP suite at the Cavallo Lodge – as they ended their evening after the proposal.   


Stunning Linx Couple Weds in Laguna Niguel

I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a gorgeous Linx VIP client wedding this past weekend in Laguna.

The views were spectacular and the decor an ethereal theme blending a love of the water, with blues, silver accents, and creams. Flowers literally spilled in every direction a guest looked, the drinks were creative and strong, cake moist and topped with a silver pretty “B” for their last name on each cake slice.

The toasts were sweet, elderly parents on both sides were in attendance, vows incredibly loving, and bride absolutely radiant in the most lavish princess gown embellished with crystals and with countless layers of ivory tulle. Her make-up was perfectly on point, hair studded with little crystal flowers, and veil long and elegant. The groom wore a dapper black tuxedo, his sons were the groomsmen.

My couple had planned to go to French Polynesia the day after the wedding but had to cancel due to dangerous weather. Not to worry as they have a 3 month (yes that is correct), 3 month-long honeymoon touring the tropics, Europe, and much more. Imagine packing for that (especially considering they have a lot of fancy affairs to attend.)

Our featured song for this entry is Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers Bustin’ Loose.

A princess absolutely radiant- a true vision! Can you believe her beauty?

What a wonderful journey it has been representing both clients. It goes to show you can absolutely fall in love after 50 years old and find your soul mate through Linx.

Besides the highlight of the entire wedding weekend was bringing our new pup, Marshall, to the hotel. We couldn’t help but notice a fun photo booth stationed nearby for wedding guests to snap silly pics with an array of props. I suggested we sneak Marsh man into the booth and well…he was a hit! We love our little pup and he especially loved his king hat for the pic.

This is the second time we have heard this insanely good ACDC singer perform. A guest at wedding, he surprised the happy couple with their favorite hits. Dancing was a blast! Everyone clearly got a little nuts on the dance floor.

The following morning, guests enjoyed a leisurely brunch hosted by the happy couple, sipping much needed coffee and saying our goodbyes to new and old friends.

Would you like to be a match for a Linx VIP?  or be our next VIP client?

It would be my absolute pleasure to screen you to discover if you are a good fit for our VIP program. Maybe your wedding will be next?!