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VIP Searches – searching for the perfect woman

At Linx we get a lot of unique requests for matches and often we have to be very frank with the client letting them know that we need the utmost flexibility to search out of the current database of clients, exercise all options, and recruit on their behalf. Thus this type of client becomes a VIP of Linx Dating.

Please check out a handful of our recent VIP searches and see if you or anyone you know might qualify. Often we are able to waive all major fees for these special opportunities.



Our first featured VIP is in his early 30’s, handsome with a baby face, 6’0″, Caucasian, and very well dressed opting for Brioni, Loro Piana as two examples. He has never been married, doesn’t have kids, and wants a family very much. He is well-educated, holds a leadership position at his firm, is very established, a home owner, and is used to the finer things in life. Backstage tickets to concerts, jetting off to Europe to eat the best pasta in Italy, uncorking an incredible vintage of Burgundy, this gentleman seeks a match who would be as equally excited about these luxe things in life.

He is picky and we won’t fabricate this fact. He is looking for a girl who, like him, comes from a good background. She is classy, elegant, and sophisticated (without the snobby factor).  She is between the ages of 25-35, pretty, slender, and loves staying active. Caucasian or Mixed heritage only. His dream girl has a very good relationship with her family, a confidence where she can hold her own in any situation, a well-worn passport, and a wardrobe filled with bikinis for the sun and ocean, as well as, some gorgeous dresses for fancy events. This VIP is a major catch and a life with him would be a life of luxury, fun, family, and  elegance. You will be not only be his precious gem in a marriage but also his intellectual equal, capable of making important decisions and managing a lot of responsibility. The archetype for his ideal is Ivanka Trump. 


Our second VIP is in his early 50’s, married one time, and with 4 kiddos. He is Marin based and if you live south of SF or the East Bay, please do not respond to this inquiry as he only wants Marin or San Francisco. He is Caucasian, 6’2″, very athletic, and a good-looking man who opts for the more casual look of jeans and funky dress shirts. He is very sporty and loves tennis, skiing, hiking, cycling, and golf. He also loves his wine and sitting on his deck and chilling out. Our client is looking for a very special woman of exceptional beauty. She is in her 30’s and would embrace a situation where her partner wanted to have another baby. His dream match is Caucasian and ideally blond, large chested, and has sex appeal. Yes the bar is high and he simply won’t settle otherwise. His dream girl oozes sexiness, is playful, active, and very family centric. A life with this VIP will be filled with fun, curiosity, and being totally spoiled by her man! The archetype for his dream girl is a Pam Anderson or Dita Von Teese.


Our third featured VIP is late 30’s, Caucasian, 5’11”, and slender. He is extremely well-educated holding his Ph.D, a seasoned entrepreneur, and essentially retired. This VIP is the classic Silicon Valley success story- Stanford educated, starts multiple companies, sells those companies, and now wakes up single and desiring to locate his dream girl. He is culturally Jewish, loves a good party, a great book, travel, dining, playing the guitar, and having fun! He can act goofy at times and we won’t hold back saying he can get trapped in his head too as he is extremely cerebral. His dream girl is in her late 20’s and up to mid 30’s. She is Caucasian, Latin, Mixed, or Indian in heritage. She is slender, sexy, and maybe as a funkylook to her- think sexy jeans, amazing camisole, colorful pashmina, and long earrings. She is a brainiac, capable of challenging her man, and pushing the intellectual envelope. Ideally she attended a top 10 school and if she attended Stanford, all the better.  She is sweet, funny, down-to-earth, yet with an edge that can push back gently with respect. The archetype for this match might be the real-life Rooney Mara or a Natalie Portman.


Our final featured VIP is a 40-year-old Caucasian gentleman who is 6’2″, athletic, and keeps fit from surfing and kickboxing. He is divorced, with no kids, and would love the option of having children. He spends in his time working and living in San Francisco and loves the city life. He’s a complex guy who is extremely smart, quick-witted, and will cut to the chase in pretty much any situation. Ivy League educated including holding an MBA, he serves as his company’s CEO in technology and will continue to do big things professionally. He has worked on himself and is now positioned to find true love. His dream match is 25-38 years old, any ethnicity, and taller is better. He loves a cool sense of style and is definitely not looking for an ultra feminine girlie girl- so if your best girlfriends are from your sorority, you relax from a long day with the RH on Bravo, and have a closet full of Nanette Lapore- he’s just not that into you from the start. She might be a “hot nerd” and is definitely worldly. Our VIP takes great pleasure in cooking up elaborate fun dinners and wouldn’t be shy about inviting his local barista, another CEO, a founder of a company, a volunteer from MOMA, and a neighbor as an example. His dream girl wouldn’t turn her nose up at an incredibly eclectic dinner party as such and instead she would embrace the opportunity, drinks lots of wine in the process, help in the kitchen, and engage in intellectual debate of all sorts. The archetype for this dream girl would be CNBC Erin Burnette.