Matt Cohler

Parisian Art fit for a Silicon Valley Matchmaker

I‘m a huge fan of modern art and furniture and came across this wild red lacquered sofa called l’Echauffeuse. The model was created in 1978, this is the second one made in 1988 by the artist.

For home owners and art collectors alike, is an incredible wealth of resources that has grown like wild fire in the last couple of years. The site coins itself as “the world’s leading online marketplace for the most beautiful things on earth.”

This red mouth was designed by Louis Durot. Louis began his career as an chemical engineer but is also an artist who created unique seats and tables in body or nature parts (feet, tongue, shell…) with various materials.

Good to see that 1stdibs has a Silicon Valley presence. Matt Cohler of Benchmark (one of the initial FB employees) is on the board and is a backer of this site. B050Dan

Here is a video I found on Louis Durot making one of his chair creations using his  chemical engineering background.