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My 48 Hour Juice Cleanse

I decided to do an easy 2 day juice cleanse to put some seriously good nutrients into my system and to help give me a nice boost of energy, a glow to my skin, and a more balanced and healthy feel. For the last 6 years I have started each January 1st with a 30 day “Amy cleanse” which has become my own personal ritual to kick off the New Year, and I love it! Given that we are approaching mid March and the weather is icky, I felt I wanted to just feel that my insides were clean and clear of whatever toxins that tend to pile up in our bodies from everyday living. This past January I did a 3-day juice cleanse in conjunction with my standard 30 day cleanse and enjoyed the results very much.  Spontaneously, I felt why not do a 48 hour cleanse, hence this blog.

Day One – this was pretty easy. I started the day by picking up a nicely packaged box of 12 juices in Woodside that were packed on ice – very professional. My first juice was a mint and grapefruit – definitely refreshing and yummy. The second was sweet green (romaine, chard, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, and lemon). It too was very good. At around 1:00pm I enjoyed the third juice which was “red greens” (cucumber, celery, beet, carrot, romaine, spinach, rainbow chard, collards, parsley, lemon, and ginger). I loved the little kick at the end of it with the nice ginger to heat it up on the palate. I started to get hungry and was craving “normal” foods around 3:00pm and felt myself not wanting the next one, to be perfectly honest. #4 was spicy citrus which truthfully is my least favorite.  I think for me it feels as if it is the least nutrient-rich and not as satisfying.  It is a blend of water, citrus, ginger, cayenne, and stevia. The cayenne definitely is hot and this one for whatever reason isn’t my fav. Although I had enjoyed 4 so far, I did feel I needed some actual protein so in conjunction to #5, I had a piece of plain grilled chicken with some herbs for taste on it for dinner. Since I’ve been working out a fair amount recently, my body was telling me it needed something more, since my metabolism is up. Plus I do find that when I juice, I sort of miss chewing something. Funny right? You don’t realize these things till you stop chewing and when you just drink, it is a sort of a weird sensation with no chewing. Juice #5 was daily green. This is a combination of kale, romaine, celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, dandelion, lemon, and ginger. I am not a huge kale fan. Finally, I ended my day with Liv Juices almond milk blend which is filtered water, almonds, dates, vanilla, and Himalayan salt. I love this – it tastes sweet and like a liquid dessert! I think it would be even tastier with some cinnamon blended in there too!

Day Two: I woke up feeling refreshed and balanced. Energy level is up and my body feels good. Today is a repeat of day one. The exact same juices.  It is the afternoon and I almost feel hyper and harmonious. I’ve already enjoyed three so far. I know today will be great too and since I am going to be doing a tough workout, I am going to eat the protein too for dinner. Note, I am a coffee drinker and I have not abstained from coffee. I really need it. I know, I know. If I were uber intense and doing a 7 day shock the system, I wouldn’t do coffee but, for me, it is absolutely my morning ritual and I love the effects of it. I wake up! Trust me, my clients wouldn’t want to know me without coffee and my husband can attest to this! After my third juice today, I was craving some almonds, so grabbed a handful to snack on.  Three more to go. Super easy and it feels great!

A quick update. It’s 5:00pm on the second day and I just finished the spicy citrus which today I liked better. I definitely feel good right now, a little hungry to be honest (might have a bite of grilled chicken in 45 before my dance class) and then will finish the day with 2 more. This is easy! I look forward to more juicing days and also enjoying normal foods too!