Linx Dating Silicon Valley

Linx Visits Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

Today started out very early in hair and make-up getting ready for a TV interview for ABC 7 local Bay Area news about the Bay Area dating scene and the professionals that hire a firm like Linx to find love.  Air date in May TBD.P1080279

I was clearly very focused and shall we say serious here?! Listening and seeing if our first screening appointment meets a match for one of our current VIPs. 

I arrived to the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley to meet the lovely anchor, Kristen Sze, who I worked with behind the scenes to develop exactly the fun story she wanted for the piece.

Beyond the story, my assistant and I were at the hotel meeting a ton of female candidates who submitted their information to see if they have that “it” factor to meet a Linx VIP guy. The first female agreed to let her screening with Linx be filmed for the piece which was great. All mic’ed and wired up, we chatting as we would anyways about men (in some cases boys 😉 ), dating, and what she desires in finding a mate. P1080284 2

After the first screening, I had a male and female 40-something client show up for mini chats with Kristen on camera about their quest to find love. Everyone was super enthusiastic and generous to carve out time out of their busy days for this unique opportunity.

We also got footage of my male clients lunch date at the hotel which was fabulous and it turns out it is a match! I found a smart, fun, and adventurous client to match him to who also willingly agreed to be part of the story (caveat not showing her face and revealing identity). Outside of the context of the TV date, they actually hit it off and plan to see one another soon both texting me saying they were pumped up and excited to have met one another. P1080296Yes! I finally use a Mac after years of being a PC user. I love my Mac!  Was I ever resistant and getting me to switch was an uphill battle but no regrets. 

At around 12:30pm, the cameraman and Kristen cruised out and off to other stories and Aimi (assistant) and I resumed our business as usual. We met with many additional ladies who were each impressive in their own way. It is now up to my team to digest all of the information we gathered and see if there is a unique fit at this moment for one of our VIPs. If that is not the case, I will hold their info and ask they they touch base in a few months. As “not so sexy” as it seems, running a matchmaking business is a game of inventory, supply, and demand.

As always the Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto went above and beyond the call of duty being so gracious and kind to us. From free wireless, little berries and chocolates to keep us going (on the house!), super friendly staff, and a very easy place to meet clients, I highly recommend the hotel for any of your business needs and also for date night (head to Quattro for amazing food and wine!) I hold the hotel close to my heart as for some of you know, it’s where my hubbie proposed back in 2007! Yeay for getting engaged! IMG-20130424-01073Excuse me…bonjour! …the way to a matchmakers heart is absolutely through fresh berries and little “guilt free” chocolates (in a silver box no less).  

A matchmaker’s job is never ending. I now have many clients emails to tend to, a match here and there, quick trip to the office, and then to bed early for another casting day tomorrow!


New Year…..A Fresh Start!

Christmas 2012 was simply divine. 2013 is well underway at Linx with a bombardment of men and women emailing me for consideration of membership. The decorations are packed up and it looks as though Spring is here at Linx. Well maybe not Spring but a fresh crisp feel for a cold January. San Mateo-20130103-00737Standing just shy of 5 feet, these gorgeous calla lilies grace the Linx officeSan Mateo-20130103-00736Modern elegance….these flowers are stunning! San Mateo-20130103-00733Vintage looking candle sticks with artificial flowers and greens with little accents of crystals and white pinecones adorn the Linx zinc pedestal table. Behind these candlesticks is an artificial rosemary tree (looks very real) standing 5 feet or so. I love constantly mixing up my home and office to shift and always evolve the experience for client and for my team. San Mateo-20130103-00734An easy way to create a happy atmosphere anywhere is to use florals. I raided Michael’s yesterday….luckily for me all silk flowers are 50% off. Since I rent my office space, I don’t necessarily want to have to paint walls to change a look. Instead, I always update the space by moving objects, mixing, matching, and adding lots of color everywhere! I spent maybe $30 total on these flowers here. They come on very long wire stems that are extremely hard to cut unless you have some serious gardening shears. Since I didn’t want to buy shears, I simply pulled the flowers off the wire stem. They’re fake and really easy to manipulate this way. Pull off, stack on top of one another for depth, and mix and match. You can’t go wrong! Immediately when I put them up my assistant asked if they were real. Wink wink! San Mateo-20130103-00739It is hard to tell what that “thing” is next to the roses but enter my new find from Mexico….el corazon. It has a pretty grey and white finish and is made of what appears to be ceramic, finished with a silver flame looking top. 

In my collection of all time favorite romantic films is Romancing the Stone. If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. It was super hard to find any You Tube clips of the actual movie…must be copyright protected.  Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner star in the movie and adventure through Colombia in search of el corazon (an emerald heart treasure). Their attraction is palpable….definitely a must see. Gosh they were so young in this ’84 film. ElCorazon