Dating San Francisco

Announcing a new search for a handsome 28-year old gentleman….

Easy-going and confidentOur client is an adventurous and exceptionally well-rounded 28-year old Caucasian man who is a total catch in every way. He is brand new on the dating scene and is not one to put himself online or tinker with apps – he just doesn’t have the inclination or the time and furthermore seeks the utmost quality match to complement his life.

Physically, he stands 6’4”, with an athletic build, short brown hair, pale blue eyes, and has a preppy sense of style. His smile is effortless and eyes twinkle when he speaks. Fitness and health are very important to him – he enjoys crossfit, hiking, soccer, skiing, and playing lacrosse when he has the time. He’s a former cowboy who worked on a ranch in Montana when he was younger and still finds enjoyment in riding horses to relax.

Our client’s professional and academic career have taken him down some very diverse paths including recently having returned from serving as an officer in the Marine Corps, completing deployments to Afghanistan and the Western Pacific. He’s currently working in finance and will begin an MBA in the fall.  He’s driven, goal oriented, and successful, yet very humble.

His eclectic past has taught him to adapt quickly and to be comfortable in a variety of environments. He enjoys everything from seeing plays, to strolling through museums, river rafting, camping, all sports, and even dabbling in woodworking. He’s a family guy who was raised in a loving home and looks to his parents as role models of marital success.  He’d love to have a partner to travel with, and is eager to keep filing up his passport. While he can be lost in the kitchen, he shares he makes a great sous chef and is adept at firing up the grill.

You will find him to be a natural born leader, organized, and confident. He’s social but not the life-of-the-party and has an easy-going calm way about him. What is most impressive is that this is “his time” to find the woman of his dreams. While he’s been awarded medals and ribbons with valor for heroic actions during his combat operations, at the end of the day, family is most important to him and that means the missing piece in his life is finding the girl of his dreams with whom to settle down.

Our bachelor is looking for a young woman who is between the ages of 24 and 32, where 28 is the ideal age. Since he’s blessed with height, she is ideally taller with an ideal height of 5’8” (but he’s open to a wider range). He responds positively to femininity, naturally pretty women, who have longer hair of any color, and are slender to athletic, with some nice curves. His dream girl is stylish, enjoys the outdoors, and keeps healthy like he does. She can work in any industry and have any title but the key is to be passionate and love what she does! She must be social, very family oriented, spunky, caring, happy, fun, and confident enough to call him out at times! Wallflowers need not apply!

If you or anyone you know make a great potential match for our dreamy bachelor, please contact Amy at

Birds of a feather…..

The Economist just published an interesting piece called The Geography of Start-Ups, Something in the Air, Why Birds of a Tech Feather Flock Together.
The distilled message of the piece argues that following economic theory, companies of all sizes (esp the small ones) tend to gravitate together due to a variety of reasons: ideas, labor, access to money, proximity of advice…thus a magnetic effect.

In the Valley people are also close to the latest ideas. “Ideas are exposed to that little tiny region possibly years ahead of the rest of the world,” reckons Mr Stoppelman. “You are always building on the idea that came immediately before. If you are trying to build the thing that comes next, early access to information about the things that are out there helps you.”

Does this thinking carry over to the dating game? Absolutely. Eligible people are drawn to vibrant locations that house other like-minded professionals. Condensed metropolitan locations like San Francisco are a great example where one city can sustain itself built on ecosystem after ecosystem of living hubs. For instance, those folks who choose SOMA, compared to Pac Heights or The Mission   often flock to a neighborhood that defines them, arguably to be around others like them (and if single to increase the probability at meeting a mate who is near them and like them). In other words, the neighborhood you choose is a direct extension of your personality, right?  

At Linx, we have a lot of clients that are very specific in their requests. An example might be “ideally she’s more  of a mission sorta- girl and not Pac Heights” or she says, “it would be preferred if he was comfortable in Russian Hill or the surrounding neighborhoods compared to the Sunset, Dog Patch.”  

Like the start-ups that nest together, single men and women do the exact same thing. Sociographics, demographics all parlay into access to ideas that could be intriguing, proximity to the types of mates they would like to end up with, and I’d say most importantly being comfortable (safe, happy, at ease) in your surrounding.  This comfort can become very close-minded when dating- not only wanting a match just like yourself but never leaving your neighborhood because your own ecosystem has everything it needs in it- so why leave and diversify? Can  banding together with your “type” of like-minded person potentially harm the dating game? In other words, do you feel broadening your reach is important when casting your dating net?

I‘d love your thoughts on this as well…write me