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Most Eligible Bachelors in Silicon Valley

Linx is featured in Entrepreneur.com today and we thought it would be fun to share on the blog this must read bachelor list!

By: Tanya Benedicto Klich

It may be the epicenter of innovation, but Silicon Valley is also teeming with smart, wealthy bachelors. As her Menlo Park, Calif.-based matchmaking service Linx Dating has grown over the last decade, Amy Andersen says she has gained unprecedented access to the “finest caliber of singles… in an area that is already a bubble of the best and the brightest.”

While she wouldn’t reveal Linx’s hottest clients for confidentiality reasons, she tapped her deep local network and social circles to round up the most eligible bachelors in the tech metro. Read the embedded dating expert’s commentary on why these dashing men are the most sought-after suitors of Silicon Valley:

JEREMY STOPPELMAN1402088230-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-jeremy-stoppelman Image credit: jdlasica via Flickr

Andersen: “This Yelp co-founder and Harvard Business School graduate is a five-star catch as far as I’m concerned. Given his love for reading non-fiction, I think this guy might be ready for a bit of true romance.”

DYLAN SMITH1402088214-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-dylan-smith Image credit: box.com

: “This Box CFO might be a former Duke Blue Devil, but he looks like a complete sweetheart. I also spot him fairly often in my neighborhood, and he literally is the cute ‘boy next door.”

JOE LONSDALE1402088205-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-joe-lonsdale Image credit: TechCrunch via Flickr

Andersen: “A local Bay Area native and Stanford grad, Joe certainly made good as the co-founder of Palantir. These days, he appears to be more interested in media than in finance and defense, but surely this former chess champion knows that every King is vulnerable without the love of a strong Queen.”

BEN RATTRAY1402088193-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-ben-rattray Image credit: personaldemocracy via Flickr

Andersen: “The handsome CEO of Change.org is definitely empowering all of us to be the change we want to see in the world, but I hear that he claims to not have the time to invest in a relationship. Where do I start a petition to change that?”

MATT MULLENWEG1402088177-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-matt-mullenweg Image credit: Silicon Prairie News via Flickr

Andersen: “I hear this Texas-born bachelor and founder of WordPress claims to be married to his work, but it’s hard to believe that this soulful saxophonist isn’t looking to jazz up his personal life. My comment for this famous blogger? Find a lady love to occupy those lips of yours, and make your work your mistress.”

SERGEY BRIN1402088167-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-sergey-brin Image credit: Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Andersen: “My sources tell me that this brilliant billionaire is back on the market. I’d like to see him find happiness, but when it comes to dating he needs to leave his infamous tech specs at home; a woman wants to look into a man’s eyes on a date, not into the transparent screen of his wearable computer Google Glass.”

TIM COOK1402088158-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-tim-cook Image credit: igrec via Flickr

Andersen: “It’s hard to think of a job more high profile than being the CEO of Apple, and yet Tim Cook is one of the most private men I can think of. I’d like to see him step away from work just a little bit, and find a partner to call his own.”

VIVEK & ANEEL RANADIVE1402088143-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-vivek-aneel-ranadive Image credit: Aneel Ranadive via Twitter

Andersen: “Between the two of them, this father and son duo has degrees from Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. They also hold a significant stake in the Sacramento Kings, so we know these tech magnates understand the importance of being more than ‘all work and no play.’ Good looks and great minds definitely run in the family, so I think finding love for these two should be a slam dunk.”

JACK DORSEY1402088134-10-most-eligible-bachelors-silicon-valley-jack-dorsey Image credit: jdlasica via Flickr

Andersen: “The St. Louis-born, NYU-educated founder of Twitter has kept his Midwestern charm and Manhattan style, but I’d love to see him settle down and grow some real West Coast roots. I just hope his love letters include more than 140 characters.”

Holidays at Linx and beyond…

On my way to work this morning it was so cold my car was covered in ice! I had to call my husband to come out and scrape off the ice…poor guy was freezing….around 25 degrees!IMG-20131209-00600 Ice on my car this morning!

The office is warm, decorated, with the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon. vscocam1361 Holiday treats at Linx for our Friday screening day

We had a long day of interviews already today meeting spectacular men and women. Tomorrow is another huge day with meeting clients of all ages and very interesting backgrounds. We have another series of screenings for VIPs this week that sold out weeks ago. All in all something like 20 plus interviews this week alone! IMG-20131209-00611 Cozy Linx fireplaceIMG-20131209-00604 IMG-20131209-00614 Decorating for the holidays can be as simple as placing a variety of candles inside your fireplace and putting some colorful ornaments on the bottom of the fireplace. IMG-20131209-00613 The fun is mixing and matching candlesticks, candle shapes, and having fun with it. The squirrel fireplace cover is made out of iron and is incredibly old. If my building dates back to the 1700’s, I imagine it is at least a century old.

With the holiday parties in full swing, I would encourage you to accept any holiday invitation. Make a point to get out of the house (even though you might want to be all cozy in your PJs)…get out and mingle! Keep the business cards at home and get some simple personal calling cards with your first name and non-work email address. IMG-20131209-00607 Silver tea service for clients with almond cookies from Sicily. Who doesn’t like a cup of warm tea during the winter months? IMG-20131209-00609IMG-20131209-00608

Put your best foot forward and be friendly to everyone. Go out of your way to introduce yourself and be “that” person who sort of “shines” at the events. Radiate confidence and just be friendly. You’ll be amazed what happens when you present yourself this way. If you meet someone nice at the various holiday parties, follow up and make plans to connect for a drink or casual bite. Leverage the holiday season events as your time to meet someone special. You just never know how you will end up meeting the love of your life. Now RSVP YES

IMG-20131205-00597 Gorgeous Gingerbread display at Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park. The 90-square-foot edible village used 800 pounds of gingerbread, 750 pounds of candy, and 700 pounds of royal icing to complete.photo copy 5 How stunning is this? A client sent me this photo from Central station in Zürich of this incredible Swarovski crystal tree! photo copy 3 My client also shared this photo from a sweet shop in Zürich with stacks and stacks of incredible chocolate….photo copy 2 And a photo of a cozy street in Zürich decorated for the holidays. photo copy Christmas market in Zürich. 577830_903090232776_438409322_n I found this photo on FB and just loved the feeling of a NYC decorated brownstone with pretty lights and a tree outside of the front door. So festive, sparkling…simply magical! San Mateo-20121202-00656 Happy holidays from my almost 2 year old big boy Marshall…Woof Woof!

Linx Visits Sweden!

Stockholm is a magical and stunningly beautiful city surrounded by water. The central parts of the city consist of fourteen islands that are continuous with the Stockholm archipelago. The geographical city centre is situated on the water, in Riddarfjärden bay. Over 30% of the city area is made up of waterways and another 30% is made up of parks and green spaces. i-4QGRM3r-X2i-5CsXwhk-X2
You can see the storm clouds rolling in. i-JvxJSV6-L
The very first day we arrived there was a marathon throughout the city. Such fun to be a spectator.i-WgxQkVq-L Daddy and daughter at the marathon. i-q5t2NxM-X2

We spent three days there and found it to be an interesting constrast from Copenhagen. Three days was sufficient in Stockholm and gave us ample time to explore the city by foot and ferry. The last day was the very first experience of any bad weather while on our entire journey in Denmark and Sweden. We were so fortunate to have the best weather for the entire vacation! Ferry ride with the family….

The most delicious dinner ever…lots of gravlax. i-cLzZfvm-X2
Details on buildingsi-4Vd6P9X-X2i-DBL7Cfr-X2
Love this purple door and purple flowersi-dnHrVkH-X2i-tfnfpMk-X2i-TLjGpRb-X2
More details on buildingsi-whThT62-X2i-tv5MjWz-X3
How could I not snap a pic of a heart on some fence. Shabby chic in Stockholm

There were a few things that stood out in comparing Copenhagen to Stockholm. First, I felt if I had a choice, Copenhagen is a much easier city to live in. There is a lot more to do in Copenhagen, the people are generally “warmer”, and it is a lot easier to get around. Stockholm by contrast is a little more difficult to navigate as a tourist and there is a real formality there. The people are a little more serious, conservative, and unemotional (and they even dress much more formally compared to Copenhagen) and it is just a “colder” city that way. That’s definitely not to say the people are not friendly. Everyone we met was lovely and very nice but just a bit more buttoned up and reserved. i-kTxj9fK-X2

The photos of the town square above is Gamla Stan the “old town” in Stockholm which is incredibly charming. The town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture. North German architecture has had a strong influence in the Old Town’s construction. A stone heart in a very old building in Gamla Stan!i-CdzjfXJ-X2 Dogs of Gamla Stani-LH2wC6P-X2i-TV9H5GQ-X2

Stockholm was also extremely expensive. The cab fares were out of this world. Around $100 to get across town, ok maybe a little less but really spendy…giving us a good reason to walk and get even more exercise.

he people in Stockholm (especially in the nightclubs that my sister and I checked out) are extremely good looking. The men and women are very tall (average appeared to be 6’1″ plus for both sexes) and very attractive. More blonds compared to Copenhagen which by way of contrast is generally more diverse (still largely Nordic). One nightclub we went to called Cafe Opera had the best DJs ever and a crowd of hands down THE MOST gorgeous people I have ever seen. Some guys we literally bumped into were easily over 6’6″ and all models. It was a really fun night and the best eye candy ever. 😉
i-hfvrj7b-X3 i-JqdNhNv-X2 Random I know. This girl had a backless top that looked super sexy on her. Yes I was the freaky American stalker tourist in the chic club snapping pics of her, the Abercrombie male model above, and the scene. Everyone at Cafe Opera was super young…think 20, maybe 22.i-dgcTcwL-X2
We HAD to visit the offices of Fredrik Eklund from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. If you watch it, you will appreciate our “high kicks” in Stockholm. Fredrik even retweeted my Twitter post about high kicking through Stockholm! i-JKqGR4Z-X2i-8x8bmqB-X3
This is the famous Vasa ship (most frequented museum in Scandinavia). Vasa is a Swedish warship built 1626-1628. The ship sank after sailing into her maiden voyage on August 10th 1628. i-CP24Crk-X2i-KJjbkvr-X2i-hMqmWvV-X2 Random details in Stockholm. Love the wine barrel with candles. i-PgzncZm-X2 I think a lot of guys would agree!i-QW569VS-X2i-XLnSR2q-X2

After enjoying this stunning city, we headed back to Denmark for one more night and then flew back to the USA. Both countries inspired us and were so gracious. I very much look forward to visiting Scandinavia again in the near future- perhaps for my cousin Mie’s wedding?!

Pre-Holiday Gift Shopping inspired by Paris Flea Markets | October 11-12 in Menlo Park

For those of you who love all things Paris, head over to Royal Bloom at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park on October 11-12th to enjoy treasures of all kinds.

Wander around the gorgeous gardens in Menlo Park and do some of your pre-holiday shopping in this mini flea market/shopping event featuring vintage/antique goodies in the theme of the Paris Flea Markets.
Antique Market