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Remembering Why I Do This…


This year is off to a phenomenal start with so many couples in committed relationships. Today, I just received an email from my 60-something male client about his lovely Linx match and their recent engagement!

They both came out of very challenging divorces and the process shattered their respective self-confidences and frankly their hopes of ever finding love again. Yet, these two people believed in me, and this incredible process, enough to sign on and allow me to do what I do best – work my magic!

They each had a couple of introductions and then met one another pretty early in the process of our matchmaking lifecycle.

Exactly one year from their first date in Silicon Valley, they got engaged at a romantic restaurant in Europe. His email sharing the joyous news today brought tears to my eyes. THIS is exactly why I do this. I am very grateful and so humbled to get to change so many lives.

“I am writing to report to you some exciting news:  We are engaged to be married! We took a trip to Europe over the New Year’s holiday and I proposed to her in a romantic cafe! 
As you know, we met about a year ago and have come to realize how well we connect at every level. She is a lovely human being with a big heart, along with amazing intellect, worldliness and curiosity! We are the best travel partners! 
Most importantly, we are deeply in love, full of mutual respect and admiration! I have never felt about anyone like I do about her! Every moment has been wonderful, despite the baggage and issues we both bring to the relationship. Being with her makes everything easier! There is a lot of mutual support!
We are looking forward to many years of love and happiness together!
P.S. Just like you said, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But so worth it!” 
Why stay on the giant hamster wheel of volume dating to endure more nights of swiping to meet a match?
Have you considered working with a matchmaker?  One of the biggest value adds is meeting people who not only are extremely exceptional by nature but who have been vetted.
Vetting in today’s era of modern dating is essential.  Anyone in the dating market should watch the recent series on E! about John Meehan and Debra Newell, as it should give EVERYONE pause about apps and online dating.
Without a shadow of doubt, hire a professional who’s not only the best in the industry but has earned her stripes being in business for 16 years!
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Are You A Fan of the hit Bravo TV show Below Deck?! Join them as they set sail….

Dear Linx line readers,

I apologize by the lack of entries lately. This summer has been extremely busy with matchmaking and new clients from all parts of the country. It’s a very exciting time for Linx and in the next week, we will be sharing some of the new searches we are conducting for our newest members. Perhaps you’re a match for one or more of our newest members?

We’ve seen a HUGE demand for our services coming from incredible men of all ages. These guys are literally world class in every dimension of who they are and they’ve been enlisting the help of Linx right and left to help bring them many steps closer to finding their dream match. If you’re an unattached, brainy, attractive, physically fit, and vibrant woman, please submit your info here to potentially be considered for meeting one of these incredible men. With these guys, it is ALL ABOUT TIMING. In other words, this is “their time” to find love and the next woman they enter into an exclusive relationship with with most likely be “it” for the long haul. How exciting is that?

Shot of an attractive young couple relaxing on a yacht together

Random topic, as you might imagine, I’m contacted all the time by producers wanting to do TV shows on Linx. I’ve turned down the reality offer dozens of times because it simply isn’t what Linx is all about and wouldn’t be a smart business decision for the brand- especially with the privacy and discretion of what is Linx. That said, I’ve been approached by the casting department for the hit Bravo TV show called Below Deck and have a cool opportunity for any of you readers who might see this as the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bravo is gearing up for “Below Deck Mediterranean,” and they are set to sail on the Mediterranean seas in September! This season is scheduled to air this fall, and being one of the first 3 charter groups onboard the yacht is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the marketing promos that Bravo has prior to the show’s airdate! For you Linx readers, this is actually a GREAT way to get primetime air time and promote your business, your brand, etc OR just grab 8 of your buddies, split the costs, and have a crazy wild time on the yacht.


This season the backdrop will be in the Cyclades in Greece – a famous group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, and barren landscapes are an ideal fit for the exclusive yachting world. With 12 action packed episodes of fun-filled drama, adventures, and high-end living, this tropical paradise will be nothing short of spectacular!

With 5-star service, gourmet meals catered to your every need, secluded beaches only accessible by private yachts, and all the water sports and island fun that you can imagine, Below Deck is the ultimate luxury vacation! Each charter group will have the chance to create their own unique itinerary. Of course, the “catch” is in applying to be considered as a charter guest, your voyage is filmed for the show. Not to worry too much though, as the majority of the “drama” actually happens below deck (hence the name) with the crew- not the charter guests.

Once you arrive, the activities you can choose from are boundless. From jet skiing to wine tasting to fishing for your evening dinner, everything you desire is right at your fingertips! For a discounted charter rate you can be a part of this phenomenal show that has become a fan favorite and household name on Bravo!

You will be escaping on a luxury yacht at least 155’ long, with spacious decks and a master suite. This mega yacht sleeps will sleep up to eight guests comfortably. In addition, guests will have access to all of the boat’s water toys, which may include waverunners, seabobs, paddleboards, kayaks, snorkel gear, water skis, wake boards, and assorted inflatable toys. All of these details will be confirmed once your charter group has been locked into a specific charter date!

The charters this season will be 3 days, 2 nights and the charter fee will be $40,000 or groups can go for 4 days, 3 nights and the charter fee will be $45,000. This charter fee covers round trip economy airfare to/from Greece for everybody in the group (we recommend keeping the number of guests between 4-6 people), accommodation the night before and the night after your charter, all food and beverages on the yacht, and a fully planned itinerary and all inclusive boat activities (beach picnics, snorkeling, water sports, boat toys, etc.) Additionally, the charter group is responsible for a cash gratuity, which is a 15 percent minimum, with most guests last season giving 20 percent and above because they were so happy with the service provided. mediterranean-beach-wallpaper.1024

Available Charter Dates (this does not include your travel days):

Charter 1: 3 days – departs September 9th– returns September 11th ($40K)

Charter 2: 3 days – departs September 13th – returns September 15th ($40K)

Charter 3: 3 days – departs September 18th– returns September 20th ($40K)

Charter 4: 3 days – departs September 22nd – returns September 24th ($40K)

Charter 5: 4 days – departs September 27th – returns September 30th ($45K)

Charter 6: 3 days – departs October 4th – returns October 6th ($40K)

Charter 7: 3 days – departs October 8th – returns October 10th ($40K)

Charter 8: 3 days – departs October 12th – returns October 14th ($40K)

Charter 9: 3 days – departs October 15th – returns October17th ($40K)

If you are interested in being considered CAST for this incredibly cool opportunity, please email me: and I will put you in touch with the producers. Bon Voyage! XO

Silicon Valley Dating | Startups Silicon Valley on Bravo

If you live in the Bay Area and are involved in the tech or entrepreneur lifestyle, chances are you’ve been glued to Bravo’s new show produced by Randi Zuckerberg called Start-Ups Silicon Valley. Like anything in life, there are the haters and there are those who love it. I’m enjoying it, particularly as it is bringing some fun and lightheartedness to the Valley.

Tonight was Episode three and the reality cast exposed audiences to a level deeper with the grittiness of start-ups and the emotional pangs of being a founder (for some broke, frustrated, sleep deprived, annoyed, loveless, etc.)  In true reality tv fashion, the show also does a great job at exposing the personal lives of each member (all are single and there is a lot of cross-pollination of cast members. Think hot tubbing, partying together, boozing, hook-ups, jealousy, temper tantrums, etc.)

The female cast members are strong willed, outspoken, and sometimes very unfiltered! These characters (Hermoine Way, Kim Taylor, Sarah Austin) also do a good job showing young females audience views that women can go into tech, be start-up founders, and create a lucrative roadmap for all women out there. Silicon Valley needs a show featuring some founders in their 30’s and 40’s who’ve really been through multiple cycles, failures, and triumphs. I was shocked to read everyone expect Ben Way and Kim are under 30.

The Valley is so small, I often see acquaintances on the show and in tonight’s episode a patron of my Linx Dating “Link & Drink” networking event. Tonight was Ethan Anderson who was giving professional advice to Kim Taylor at a cafe in the city. I was thinking “hey I recognize that guy, oh yeah, I recruited him to be at one of my events.” (he attended back in 2010 at The Rosewood Hotel).  Yes, I do recruit people for my events where I will email them, invite them, and hope the show up. In fact, one super handsome guy I recruited (founder type) attended one of my last events and ended up meeting his now wife from my event! Pat on my back, thank you….

Tonight had cast member Dwight Crow chat with Kim Taylor in Palo Alto over wine (that she ordered). Dwight, honey boo boo, you gotta order the drinks next time. Don’t let a girl order drinks for you/her). 

Dwight, like so many tenacious founders lives and works out of his tiny Mountain View apartment trying to build his company. He’s cute, quirky, and clearly very smart- yet he doesn’t have a penny to his name. Does this matter when it comes to finding the love of your life? How important is it to find a guy with a nest egg or if there is no nest egg, with a decent salary? I’d be curious to get your honest thoughts? Dating an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging types to fall for- I know as I am one and I married one! That said, being one the wild ride of being an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley has been the best decision I have ever made professionally. One could argue starting with nothing and building together can make a couple strong right? Send me your thoughts….

Tonight, Sarah Austin uses a terms I’ve never heard before called “date cheating.” She ends up splashing this hottie Jay she has one date with a cocktail when out with friends (yet in his mind it had been an uber casual evening and they were just “hanging out”) when she discovered he has been out with her quasi-rival Hermoine Way that night before for a “real” date.

First of all, I always thought that the purpose of dating is that you aren’t committed to one person till you go exclusive? Being single is about having freedom to date whoever and whenever, right?

My advice if you really like someone is to have a few more people in your back pocket. It makes dating so much easier versus weighing everything on that ONE person. A girls gotta get out there and kiss a lot of frogs. She also has to be busy, have a life, and not put all her freegin’ eggs into one basket.

And on that note, the featured song is Ru Paul “Supermodel.” Work it girl….

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