Relationship Wisdom on Twitter and Interpreted through Edward Hopper

I tweet a fair amount. Are you following me on Twitter yet @linxdating?

This week I have been getting a ton of what they call ‘favorites’ and ‘retweets’ by followers…here are some nuggets of wisdom I can share that serve as this weeks highlights.

Raising capital for startups in Silicon Valley as a female has its +/-. A female entrepreneur told me an investor said things no angel says

People often let actions/behavior slide in the honeymoon stage. Deep into the relationship, it isn’t peaches and cream. Too late to reverse

You start a company in Silicon Valley. You do a series A round, a series B, and then a series C … and then discover.. you’re still single.

Cheap in money, can be cheap in spirit when dating.

Be less judgmental when picking and choosing people to date. If you seek perfection, you’re facing a tough road ahead.

You can’t seek love. It seeks you.

People and culture are the spice of life

The female career in Silicon Valley often eclipses the man’s in today’s world. If so, make him feel resourceful, useful, masculine, and loved.

Ice breaker a client who flew in from overseas shared. She has walked up to men on the street & asks ‘Are you thirsty? Let’s have a drink’ 1074372_688975974461726_783708830_o Artist: Edward Hopper Title: Summer Evening

Hopper’s brilliant work goes far beyond a portrait of a couple on their porch one summer evening. It is really left to your interpretation. As Hoppper himself is famous for saying, “the whole answer is there on the canvas.”

Maybe the man in this painting been cheap in money and spirit…thus she feels isolated and regretful. Perhaps to my earlier Tweet he overlooked certain behaviors of hers as they were once in the honeymoon stage but now their relationship feels too deep to reverse.

When I look at Summer Evening, I feel tension, something quiet, pensive, somber, dark, maybe some boredom. Some have interpreted this painting as a break-up. Oh we don’t like that topic here at Linx. ;( On that note….

Here is a brilliant interpretation made as animated film and directed by Valérie Pirson. This movie was commissioned for an Edward Hopper retrospective at Grand Palais in Paris. Enjoy…