Amy Andersen CEO

Searching for the Dream Bachelorette!!

We are elated to announce our latest summer VIP search for a 32 year old bachelor searching for his match.

The story of our client’s life, to date, has been about striving for greatness – academically, physically and professionally. As we all know, timing is everything in life (especially when it comes to truly being ready for a serious relationship and marriage) and, for our client, this is ‘his time’ to find the love of his life! As such, Linx is conducting a search on behalf of this extraordinary guy, who has enlisted our services to help him find his dream girl… the one in a million, the needle in a haystack, the perfect match. Are you that girl? 

We will be hosting a series of confidential, in-person interviews for qualified candidates July 10th, 11th and 12th 2012 at the luxurious St. Regis hotel in San Francisco. If you contact us and qualify, you will be invited to meet the matchmaker, Amy Andersen, in the comfort of our private suite where you can learn more about the bachelor and we can determine if you might be the perfect girl for him. This process is 100% private – anything you share will remain strictly confidential – so there’s no risk in contacting us if you’re interested. 

A bit about him…

Our client is Caucasian, 6’0”, very athletic, handsome and stylish. He’s educated from one of the top universities in the country and is a seasoned, successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur whose passions include travel, dining, skiing, adventures, his siblings and family. He was raised Christian but isn’t very religious.

Aside from his intelligence and achievements in business, our client is fundamentally a genuine and caring person with no secret agendas. He’s extremely loyal and loving to those in his inner circle, has strong family values, and is very outgoing. He loves living the city life in San Francisco and unwinds on the weekends by brunching, hiking, traveling, bbq’ing and going out with friends.

You might be wondering why such a young guy would engage a firm like Linx to help him locate his future Mrs.? It’s simple, really. He works long hours as an executive, would never date a colleague, doesn’t do online dating, and the bar is high for what he is looking for. With limited free time, trying to navigate the dating waters for the right match isn’t easy.  

Who our bachelor is looking for…

You are between the ages of 24 and 30 years old and are based in the Bay Area. Physically you are between 5’3” and 5’11”, slender and sexy. Our client is extremely fit and requires a girl who is in‐shape, lean, and takes care of herself. He’s most drawn to a feminine, classic beauty, combined with plenty of self‐esteem and confidence. Dressed up, dressed down, you’re always natural and comfortable in your own skin.

Growing up, you were raised with strong values, manners, and respect for others. You are grounded in who you are, you lead your life with integrity and you’re a total class act. You are positive, supportive, and full of energy.

Education has been paramount in your life, to date. Whether you’ve applied it in business or otherwise, you are ambitious in your endeavors. Perhaps you’ve lived abroad and have a passport full of stamps or maybe you volunteer on the weekends… regardless, you are passionate about what you do.

Friends would describe you as compassionate, social, witty, and fun. Even more importantly, you are known to be caring and kindhearted to all. Your ex’s might describe you as a little sassy, but also affectionate and a total sweetheart. You’ve always been open and honest, even in relationships that didn’t work out.

You are a non‐game player, good with communication, self‐reflective, know what you want, and are ultimately ready to meet the love of your life. 

If you feel that you are a strong match for our bachelor or know somebody who might be, please email and submit a short bio of yourself including recent photos. There are ZERO fees for this opportunity. Everything regarding this process – including all of the information you provide – will remain strictly private and confidential. 

Taking A Gamble

A week ago, I felt an urge to pull into the local Shell station in the burbs and to walk into the convenience store and, for whatever reason, to buy a lottery ticket. When do I ever do this? Never. I bought two $1 California Scratchers and was so excited to bring them home, grab a penny, and scratch away… to see if I won anything.

I won! The first $1 ticket I scratched, I ended up winning $20. This, my readers, has never happened. For the second one, I didn’t win anything. I can’t tell you how secretly excited, like a giddy school girl, I’ve been about my winnings.

Last night as I drove by the same Shell station on El Camino in Menlo Park, I did a quick U-turn and pulled right into the station to cash in my winnings! I proudly marched into the shop and the girl scanned my ticket and looked at me, wide-eyed, amazed at my winnings and noting how she has never met a winner… ever. She complained that she always buys tickets but has never been so lucky as I had been.

With my car practically drained of gas, I thought why not apply my big $20 winnings to a quarter tank of premium gas. As I whisked away out of the lot, I felt particularly “Bond like” and definitely bad ass with my free gas and being so strangely satisfied from something so simple as a $20 winning Scratchers ticket and a slightly full tank of oh-so expensive gas.

You can apply my spontaneous, do-something-random approach to gambling to your dating life. The message here is invest a little time and energy into someone that you might really like. Dating and finding the right relationship means letting go a bit, it means sacrificing certain things, being vulnerable, and boldly putting it out there if you feel a connection.

It can sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against you in the competitive world of dating and in trying to find “the one”. You won’t know how lucky you are unless you give in a bit, are confident in yourself, and walk into that next date of yours with the “he or she could be my lucky jackpot and I’m willing to jump all-in and see” attitude.

Life is uncertain. So is gambling. Dating doesn’t have to be. I recommend that you wear a safety belt when you drive, but that you take a lot more risks in trying to find love.  Be a hardcore stats person and try to game the system like an intelligent “gambler” would, and increase your chances of finding love today by declaring this to be your winning year.

We have very favorable odds here at the Linx casino. In the last 6 months, one of our married couples is now expecting a baby, another couple gets married next weekend, and we have countless couples who have declared their exclusivity after their FIRST or second Linx introduction.

Read some of our new client testimonials here:

Talk about walking through the door at Linx and all of a sudden your chances of love greatly increasing! Our success is due to a no-bullshit approach where we are real and honest with you, and encourage you to be the same with yourself – we employ scrupulous methodology with a genuine human element, to match those two clients who are meant to be the winning duo and the perfect pair out of 100 million singles in the US.

New Concierge Service | The Friends Party

Are you new to the San Francisco Bay Area? Outside of linking our clients romantically, over the last 10 years, Linx has been built on a vast network of professionals who see a tremendous value in business relationships as well.

Allow us to plan an event for you, perfectly tailored to your exact social and/or business wishes – from an intimate dinner party bringing together 10 academics, to a cocktail party for 25 in the legal field, or even a larger diverse soiree centered around themed wines from all over the world.

Our goal will be to customize a guest list, inviting the types of professionals that you would like to meet for work purposes or new friendships; or even just that right person to tell you where to get your shirts perfectly pressed, the easiest commute route, or a book club you must join.

Akin to the Chinese concept of Guanxi, the benefits of new contacts can provide a ticket to professional success, lifelong friendships, education, and information to wedge you into your new community in the Bay Area.

Informally, Amy Andersen has matched friends together who are now true confidants, introduced new-to-area clients to 15 new close professional contacts, and is always ‘the’ resource for friends and clients alike who need recommendations for everything from the best florist, to old world tapestries, best local sandwiches, etc. Imagine the impact of that, multiplied by 20 more people who are just as, “if not more,” well-connected than our founder.

This rendition of the Guanxi concept as interpreted by artist Yang Liu in comparing what Germans think about Chinese and vice versa is very interesting. Individualism versus collectivism.