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DIY Place Settings for Romance

I was raised by a businessman father and the most creative genius mother and have always had a creative side to me. Hosting Thanksgiving this year and getting to do the table was super fun and a major reason to pour those creative juices into something new and super festive. 

My wedding china is beyond gorgeous and getting to use it is always special. One of my favorite colors is royal blue and I always always loves blues and golds together. Naturally, picking these William Yeoward plates for our registry was an easy one!   

Instead of doing a traditional tablecloth for Thanksgiving, I opted for something different. I headed to Michael’s Arts and Crafts nearby and found white foam mats that resembled placemats, bought royal blue construction-style paper, gold pens, gold and blue glittery pens, and craft glue. 

In some random brainstorm moment it hit me that I wanted to do each placemat custom for each guest. The placemat be a continuation of the china pattern and be painted on with gold pen, glitter, etc. Each design would be different and I would also write each guests name on the mat, replacing the need for a separate name card.

These took about 30-45 minutes each and are completely reusable! I stenciled an outline of a fork and knife on each setting for a unique twist and something different. Our family members loved this personalized and totally crafty touch to an otherwise traditional holiday.

In setting the stage for a perfectly romantic dinner for two, you can do the exact same concept for your loved one. If you have china you love but never get to use, pull it out. If you don’t have fancy china, you can always go to a second hand store and see if there are some reasonably priced pretty plates. If that isn’t in your budget, borrow from mom or another family member. Michael’s is an excellent source for the right types of paper and if you desire locating cushy foam mats.

All you need to do is pick you two or three colors based on the actual plates and begin your creative design on what feels elegant to you. If glitter seems a bit over-the-top to you, opt for colored .05 waterproof pens or even getting a selection of liquid calligraphy ink and pens or brushes. Don’t stress about this. It is meant to be fun, freeing, and light-hearted.  If you have any questions or want to run ideas by me for your perfect romantic table for two, ask away amy@linxdating.com

My music selection is Chris Botti- When I Fall In Love.