Hints for successful dates

  1. When you receive your introduction, throw the idea of Googling your match out the window! Why do you think we stopped sharing last names after all?! There is something very appealing about creating some intrigue and mystery building up to the first date. If you know too much, it can spoil the fun!
  2. First impressions are so important. If you are coming from work, do what it takes to put your best foot forward and freshen up. No one likes a sweaty, frazzled date! Consider doing a weekend date instead, when you’re not stressed out or preoccupied with the presentation the next morning!
  3. Chivalry is not dead. A universal message is that women, regardless of age, personality type, physique, or profession, all share that they crave a man who is a gentleman. He opens doors, is an active listener, and pays for the first date.
  4. Men are impossibly visual creatures! A universal message is that men like a woman who accentuates her figure. Men do not respond well to baggy clothing! Men don’t necessarily need totally revealing, but wearing something feminine that hugs her body is what men like. Toss out the baggy dresses and loose fitting clothes. Men loathe this.
  5. Break the ice by complimenting your match. Complimenting is flattering and this approach automatically creates a solid foundation for a comfortable evening ahead.
  6. At the date, cell phones are on silent or better yet, left in the car. I want you to almost pretend that you and your match are the only ones at the restaurant. You have “horse blinders on” and as a result you are focused solely on the amazing person sitting across from you. Stop looking around at everyone else and be as present as you can be on the date. Eye contact counts!
  7. Bossing the wait staff around is a sign of disrespect. When ordering, over-order versus under- order. Let her take home the extras for lunch the next day.
  8. If you’re into your date and feeling some degree of sparks, express that. This can be displayed through a non-verbal sign of touching his or her arm.
  9. If you find yourself going down a path that is concerning for you, for instance, you start talking about your past relationship and then your date keeps prying, stop. First dates are so important so keep the talking points light, positive, and upbeat. Asking questions, listening, and not talking too much about one subject are really important.
  10. Men don’t want to duke it out in the proverbial boardroom with their date. Don’t spew your resume to your date. Similarly women don’t like guys who are show-offs, name droppers, or who brag.
  11. If you are unsure if your date is into you, be confident. Confidence is the number one quality men and women desire in a mate.
  12. Laugh and flirt! “Debbie downer” or “Serious Sam” are turn-offs.
  13. Watch your alcohol consumption. Two drinks is fine, 5 is not. Slurring your words isn’t sexy.
  14. Women might say they are watching their figure but, seriously, women love chocolate. Indulge in the senses and order something gooey and decadent.
  15. Always see a woman to her car if she drove and never let her fend for herself – especially in any city.
  16. Remember why you became a member in the first place. This is about meeting quality matches that are meant to be nurtured over the course of many dates. Rule of thumb is ideally a minimum of two dates.
  17. At the end of the night, bid your farewells, and secure date two. Don’t let too much time pass from date one to two. The momentum and excitement can be lost.
  18. Affection, romance, and kissing are deliciously delightful in the early stages of dating. Leave it at that, as sex too soon can be a recipe for disaster.

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