Month: December 2014

Gentlemen-Only Scotch, Watches, & Rocks Holiday Event December 18th

On Thursday, December 18th, from 6:00-9:00pm, 66 Mint Fine Estate Jewelry in San Francisco is hosting a gentlemen-only event- just in time for the holidays!

They have a sponsor bringing various types of scotch to taste, a large collection of luxury watches will be on display along with their estate jewelry, plenty of appetizers and desserts. This is a private event and you’ll definitely need to RSVP.

Make sure you mention that Linx sent you and there is no doubt you’ll get the VIP treatment while enjoying this boys night out shopping for you and/or a loved one! The showroom is very close to the financial district- so head over after work, kick back with a drink and try on some one-of-a-kind timepieces.

RSVP at : and mention Linx sent you.

San Francisco Nob Hill Condo Sneak Peak

54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-3 54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-35Linx has gotten word of this well-located San Francisco condo that will be listed to the public in January but is vacant and ready for purchase now. It was a second home for the current owner. Ideally located on a quiet block on Nob Hill, this beautiful condominium offers character, modern conveniences & luxury; all within a full floor of a charming boutique building. This condo will be listed at $1,349,000.00

The light-filled condo was recently remodeled and offers a spacious and open floor plan with formal living room, formal dining room, office/flex room, chef’s kitchen, hand-tiled baths and spacious bedrooms. The location is ideal for a quick commute to downtown and a short walk to numerous fine dining establishments, grocery store and parks. 54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-37

Highlights of the Condo:

Classic detail & modern elegance throughout: high ceilings, hardwood flooring, crown molding and built-in’s
Custom lighting package with a mix of designer fixtures and recessed lights; perfect for the art collector
Fabulous kitchen with Sub Zero fridge, Viking gas range, wine fridge, custom cabinetry and carrera counter tops
Two fireplaces; one in living room with imported stone hearth and another with hand tiled hearth
Double pane windows
In-unit laundry
Hand-tiled baths with designer fixtures
Generous closet space
Secure garage parking and storage unit

Highlights of the Location:

Quiet, serene setting atop Nob Hill
Quick & easy access to downtown: walk downhill, take the cable car or bus
A short walk for amenities such as fine dining, entertainment and groceries
Walk score of 97! Leave your car in the garage!

If you or anyone you know is interested in seeing this great property before it is open to the public in January, I will put you in direct touch with the agent representing it. Please email me: 54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-14

54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-654 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-1054 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-1254 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-13 54 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-554 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-1154 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-1554 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-1854 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-2154 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-2654 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-2954 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-3054 Pleasant St. by John Arbuckle 72dpi-34

Silicon Valley Real Estate Gem Available Now!

Linx has gotten word of one very unique 26,703 square foot lot (almost two-thirds of an acre) in Menlo Park for sale. It is a stunning knoll-top property located immediately next door to the Quad (2400 Sand Hill Road).

We checked it out and don’t know of any other lot anywhere in the area with this convenient access to Sand Hill Road’s best office location, that’s also got superior privacy characteristics. It’s very cleverly shielded from the street, the residential neighbors, and the Quad offices. Less than a mile to both Stanford Shopping Center and the Rosewood Hotel; moments from Sand Hill Road venture capitalists. Top-rated Las Lomitas schools: Las Lomitas Elementary (API 942), La Entrada Middle (API 962), Menlo-Atherton High (API 819)

The site allows for 7,725 square feet of floor area above ground. In addition, basement areas do NOT count against this number, this could be a far bigger house in total. There is space for a large swimming pool or tennis court. Amazingly, the views from this lot (future house) include the San Francisco Bay, where you see the San Mateo Bridge and more.

There’s nothing like it available in Menlo Park, and at the moment not in Atherton either. It’s for someone — single or couple — who wants to build their ultimate palatial dream house!

I am most happy to connect you or anyone you know who is interested directly with the investor on this property for a private tour and coffee to discuss more specific details in person. Email me

‘Tis the Season…

IMG_0071I recently went to Filoli estate in Woodside to their annual Holiday Traditions event to enjoy all of the decorated trees and stunning decor. Filoli is rich in history and is able to thrive from all of the loyal volunteers who run it.

This year, Holiday Traditions theme is “La saison d’ élégance,” — Season of Elegance. Inside the historic mansion, my mom and I got to enjoy all of the beautifully adorned Christmas trees, swags, and wreaths everywhere. Enjoy a collection of some of my favorite glimpses into the season of elegance…perhaps inspiration for your holiday decorating this year or next.
IMG_0074 Walls decorated in a separate building near the cafe on the propertyIMG_0039 copy Grand staircase in the main foyer of the estate. I love how the swag picks up the colors from the tapestry. IMG_0040 Up close, details from the swag. So pretty! IMG_0041 How can you not love this fireplace accented with the simplicity of white hydrangeas? IMG_0069 IMG_0042 All that’s gold is glittery and glitzy IMG_0070 Ballroom in the estate, stage ready for musicians…IMG_0043 There were many pink accents at this years event. This tree is no exception with lots of gold and pink ornaments gracing itIMG_0064 I absolutely LOVE this fireplace lined with dried colorful hydrangeas to perfectly match the wall tapestry. It is so elegant and absolutely breathtaking. IMG_0048 Did I mention that most everything is for sale at Holiday Traditions? When you enter, you are given a shopping bag and can take any ornament you desire off *most* of the trees or get your hands on a variety of holiday decor in baskets all throughout the marketplace. IMG_0063IMG_0046 IMG_0049 Yet another beautifully decorated tree! IMG_0050 Up close…no ornament should be too big or small. As you can see on this grand tree, 12 inch bird cages are nestled into it for this particular bird, feather, and hunting themed tree. IMG_0052 These little trees for purchase are studded with hundreds of vintage pins, brooches, buttons, and other accents. This would actually be a fun DIY project on a rainy weekend. In fact, you could start collecting random vintage buttons and pins throughout the year (eBay, garage sales, estate sales, or even your closet might have some treasures) and then head to a place like Michael’s to buy a styrofoam cone and a hot glue gun and have at it! These vintage brooch trees for purchase were in the $600 (+) range so imagine how fun and more economical it could be to do it yourself! IMG_0058-2 IMG_0068 icicles dripping from wooded arches in one of the hallways- gorgeous! IMG_0062 Such a pretty table…all dishes, flatwear, and decor available for purchaseIMG_0076-1 Another option for DIY for your home and/or holiday hostess gifts. IMG_0072IMG_0072 Filoli formal gardens in the winter are as equally gorgeous this time of year as they are in the Spring. I love all of the moss on this showy crabapple tree (malus floribunda)

Something Old, Something New…

iStock_000028320610Small copy

The end of the year is just a month away, which means that we’ll soon be celebrating the beginning of 2015!  Like many of you, I’ll be entering the New Year with a number of hopes and expectations.  I’ll also be armed with a handful of resolutions that I’ve decided are critical to making the most of the 2015, and the bulk of those resolutions are related to self-improvement and finding a healthy relationship.  For those of us who are single and don’t want to be, the promise of a new relationship in the New Year is really powerful; we tend to like the idea of starting off with a clean slate, and – ideally – forgetting whatever wasn’t right about the years and relationships that came before.

Instead of hoping for a new relationship, it might actually make more sense to focus on finding a better relationship.  It can be really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a different relationship will be better by default, but that’s really not the case.  In fact, it’s important to remember that your “new” girlfriend or boyfriend is probably someone else’s old girlfriend or boyfriend, which means that he or she has been trained and programmed by the habits, expectations, and communication style of someone else.  Unless your new beau was just dumped by your identical twin – and the two of you have identical tastes and preferences – the new significant presence in your life is going to require some adjustments (for both of you) in order to make your relationship work just right.  Otherwise, we’re all stuck in a sort of “Goldilocks paradox” where we’re waiting for a complete stranger to behave and communicate in a way that’s tailor made just for us, even if we didn’t do any of the work to make that happen.  If you’re ever had clothing made to measure, you know the satisfaction of having just the right fit; you also know that getting the right fit takes time, effort, and a lot of patience.

It’s really important to keep this in mind, especially in the early stages of dating.  Amy and I often hear complaints like “he kisses me too aggressively,” or “she calls me too often,” or “he picks restaurants that don’t have anything on the menu that I like to eat.”  And people seem to think these complaints are truly valid reasons to end a relationship (or to keep one from getting off the ground).  The truth is that each of these is an opportunity for change and communication; none of these root behaviors is problematic (you want a guy to kiss you, a woman to call you, and a man to pick restaurants) but you have to communicate what does (and doesn’t) work for you.  You have to give people information if you want them to change.  If you want them to change AND stick around, then you also need to give them incentive.

A really common mistake people make when communicating their wants and wishes is to tell their dates that they’re doing something wrong.  The truth is that no adult likes being scolded, and very few behaviors are actually “wrong,” but that doesn’t stop women from saying “you kiss me the wrong way,” or “you grope me like a teenager.”  And men have no qualms about telling women they aren’t appreciative enough, that they send mixed signals, or expect too much communication too early.

When we don’t like someone’s behavior, we try to make it their problem, even if the problem is really ours.  If you want a positive outcome, you need to communicate positively by saying things like “I like it when you…” or “I’d love it if we could….”  People are generally happy to make changes that incite enthusiasm, but they’re unwilling to make those same changes when those requests are worded as criticisms or demands.  Words of encouragement and guidance lead to growth; words of criticism lead to resistance and avoidance.  If you want to establish something full of respect and love and potential, make sure you’re delivering the message you intend in the most positive and considerate way.

In fact, we just casually date coached a 55+ year old client who felt frustrated by the lack of consistent communication coming from the leading man in her life. We told her to express to him encouraging words about how much she adores his company and with that comes a desire to want to hear from him more regularly. Instead of chastising him, she used this very subtle technique that worked wonders. We spoke to her yesterday and she said “It worked! He now checks in with me more regularly and when he’s out of town, he calls me which is great!” We love seeing something like this be so very simple yet so completely effective.

With a bit of luck, the New Year will indeed bring with it a new (and better) relationship.  And as you focus on communicating with someone new, you might also want to try out a bit of that strategy with someone old – yourself.  Try not to focus on what you see as flaws and failures, and put the emphasis instead on where you can grow and improve.  We can never undo the mistakes and missteps of our past, but we can work to avoid them in the future.  And we can be more positive people as a result.  Your relationships can only be as healthy as you are, so if you’re hoping to see big changes in your life (and your love life), don’t be afraid to ask yourself how much of that change should come from within; maybe the “better relationship” you’re looking for is simply a better relationship with yourself!