Day: February 8, 2013

Styling Silicon Valley Coding Stars

In last week’s blog post,  we shared a little bit about one of our new clients who is a talented software engineer. This young Linx client has transformed in the few months of working with him…from shy and nervous around ladies to confident and sporting some serious swagger. P1070529P1070540

Yesterday we spent a couple hours with him for a wardrobe consultation at Jcrew in the Stanford Shopping Center and helped him put together a few looks for both casual everyday wear and date appropriate attire. P1070546P1070558

Our goal going into any wardrobe consultation is to help our clients achieve a look that works for him/her, while being comfortable, and appealing to the opposite sex too. For this client, we felt like J. Crew was perfect for his lifestyle, age appropriate (as he is in his late 20’s), approachable and meeting his budget too. He’s more of a down-to-earth, laid back cerebral type who desires comfort, ease when wearing clothing, and something that is a reflection of his personality (versus something that is pretentious, stuffy, too fancy, or frankly…too pricey.)P1070561

We spent an hour pulling items before our client arrived and chose looks ranging from great blazers, to gingham dress shirts, pocket squares with personality, preppy oxford shirts, fitted trousers, dark demin jeans, punchy socks,  hip fatigue jackets, driver loafers, and chill suede bootsP1070577

After we pulled all items (with the help of my assistants beau, Leon, who used to be a stylist at J Crew), our client arrived ready to start the process.

We spent a total of 3 hours together introducing him to all of the looks we put together. He liked everything and surprisingly, the only items he reacted negatively towards were hoodies and cool sneakers! Go figure. We figured he would be all over the Zuck-like hoodies for coding at work and loving the colorful kicks but he said definitely NO. P1070597

All in all, it was a very successful shopping day. I even took his new suede shoes to the local cobbler to get weather proofed and my assistant is delivering his freshly pressed clothes to his front door tonight. Talk about VIP service! Now that our client has gone through his preparation steps for dating, he is now positioned for successful matchmaking. He feels great, looks great, and enters the dating scene with excitement, curiosity, and confidence.