Day: January 11, 2013

New VIP Search

Our VIP client is a youthful and very successful 46 year old man who is based in the South Bay. He is Caucasian, very fit,  cute, and leads an active, healthy lifestyle by starting his days out doing hot pilates. He’s been married once before and understands commitment.  In fact, he wants to be married again and looks forward to that. He is a father of 2 girls in college and now is in a phase of his life where he is looking for a partner to enjoy life with and have a ton of fun in the process.
He continues to pave the path in his field and maintains a serious discipline in running his highly successful business that he started some 25 years ago. He’s a leader, extremely ambitious, and has a lot of responsibility as CEO of his 125 (+) employee company. Our client also is very involved in investments and real estate development. In other words, our client has a serious business side. He is a well-regarded businessman and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 81Cu6iYdrUL._SL1500_
When not working, he loves to unwind hot tubbing, over a good meal, playful conversation, or listening to music. He loves playing basketball, watching sports and Bloomberg, and always staying active.  He has his vices like yummy pizza but that is pretty much it for this squeaky clean sort of All-American, sporty guy.
What we admire about our VIP client is that he is very real, down to earth, and funny too. Conversations are unfiltered and honest- there is no game playing in his book and no grey zone. We believe, the right girl will help him slow down and relax. Remember that he’s going a million miles a minute during the day and a good match will creatively figure out how to help him stop in his tracks and smell the roses with her.
His ideal match is someone who is Caucasian, 30-45 years old, petite and slender. 5’4″ is the perfect height and she has a certain energy and charisma about her. She’s sweet, kind, happy, and in a genuine good place to fall in love. Although she is independent and has her own life and career, our client would take care of his match in a heartbeat. In other words, you would be spoiled and if you desire, your man would happily be the breadwinner.
Creative, soulful, passionate, grounded, and healthy are other important words that describe his perfect match. He’d love if you were a fitness nut too and love any chance you can to be outside, active, and healthy. Right now he wants to find his dream partner and develop a loving monogamous relationship with her. He is a new client of Linx and we look forward to hearing from you if you or anyone you know might make a nice match for this guy. Email Amy today

Linx Evolving

At Linx we are change agents and trend setters. We believe in the importance of marching to the beat of your own drum and constantly evolving as a human. In dating, it is healthy to recognize that dating is a skill and often a learned skill. It is also important to admit that you can always improve. By that same token, to recognize when it is time for a small change. As small as a new hair cut sometimes or a candid conversation with a married friend to learn how he/she approached dating back when. Getting additional inputs and data points are so important to achieve the goals that you want to achieve in your personal life.

Today I made the slightly impulsive decision to paint part of my office. Change is a healthy thing and a source of future inspiration. I had been wanting to paint my white desk in my study a crimson red lacquer for a big change but after consulting with my painter who I have known for years, we agreed to paint part of the study in a deep red wine color with a satin finish. Here he is priming the nook with a grey paint before he begins coating the walls with red. If you don’t prime  a wall with a grey paint before you do a color like red, you will be very sorry he told me. A grey primer allows for less red coats on the wall. I can’t wait to see the finished product! San Mateo-20130110-00755