Meet a VIP | Are you a petite & intellectual woman?

Another VIP search. Our client is an accomplished and very intense 39 year old who has never been married.

He is a handsome and fit Caucasian gentleman who is just shy of 5’8″. Educated at Stanford for undergraduate and postgraduate.  By day he is a very seasoned entrepreneur and leader and outside of work has a ton of interests ranging from: yoga, piano, travel, and investing. His faith is Jewish. Sonata_2_Piano_Mozart

While very successful, he is also humble, self-effacing, casual and down-to-earth.
He appreciates physicality and a woman who is comfortable in her skin. He needs someone who will challenge him intellectually and creatively. Are you someone who would want to take the world apart with him and put it back together uniquely upside-down?amm_family
His match can be of any ethnicity but must be petite and cute! For her age, the max is 32. Keep in mind he is very focused on finding his dream match and starting a family.



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