Month: December 2012

Parisian Art fit for a Silicon Valley Matchmaker

I‘m a huge fan of modern art and furniture and came across this wild red lacquered sofa called l’Echauffeuse. The model was created in 1978, this is the second one made in 1988 by the artist.

For home owners and art collectors alike, is an incredible wealth of resources that has grown like wild fire in the last couple of years. The site coins itself as “the world’s leading online marketplace for the most beautiful things on earth.”

This red mouth was designed by Louis Durot. Louis began his career as an chemical engineer but is also an artist who created unique seats and tables in body or nature parts (feet, tongue, shell…) with various materials.

Good to see that 1stdibs has a Silicon Valley presence. Matt Cohler of Benchmark (one of the initial FB employees) is on the board and is a backer of this site. B050Dan

Here is a video I found on Louis Durot making one of his chair creations using his  chemical engineering background. 


Cabo vacation | Family in Paradise

I just returned from a glorious week in Cabo, Mexico with my family. We stayed at a private residence in a spectacular enclave called Pamilla.  It was a time to catch up with family, play tons of board games, rest, soak in the sun, and explore the locale. My husband’s and my bags didn’t make it from SFO to Mexico for the first 24 hours of being in Cabo. SFO’s baggage tracking system that generates labels and tracks all baggage digitally was broken when we checked in. We had hoped there would be a miracle but sadly there wasn’t. i-4KCJQLB-X2In-home chef prepared guacamole and ceviche upon arrival on night one….lost bags….who cares! i-XFNCwHN-XLGrand driveway to the home….

Entrance to the home we stayed in Cabo….i-rSk6h8F-X2Beautiful stone and iron grace the entrance….i-zS9jf5z-X2Courtyard in the hacienda style home….bedrooms surrounding the fountain…

On the holiday, my mom came up with the idea for each family member to teach everyone something new.  My mom did a watercolor painting instruction where we all painted the same fruit basket “still life.”  She had packed watercolors, her good brushes, and set the stage for a fun morning activity in the dining room. My mom is an incredible artist on all levels. The creativity that stems from her is beyond words.  i-ch4hknJ-XLStill life fruit for our day of watercolors…..

My dad taught us some Danish phrases, and my husband shared with us some Economics 101 basics. That is why vacations are so great is that you have all of this time to do completely random things that you normally would never think to do as you navigate your hectic daily life. i-PRJshrg-X2Stunning view from the backyard….past the sailboat is the One & Only….i-frnLVKn-X2Perfect blue skies, bright pink bougainvillea by the pool, palm trees…..

Hightlights for me were my daily beach runs from the home throughout Pamilla, up the steep hills, and down the beach heading back home. The runs were so peaceful and the beach along the Sea of Cortez is really different from our Pacific ocean beaches. Rocky shores, sandy beaches, and an incredibly rich ecosystem of sea life living in small estuaries along the way. Along the way, I would stop and do planks in the sand, tricep dips, and pushups. I also managed to sneak through a double-gated community to admire Michael Dell’s incredible mansion at the very top of a massive hill.  One perk of having founded Dell, Inc.!!!i-B7GJwRf-XLFantastic dilapidated walls and wood door in a town nearby… the colors and old world charm…

Running on the sand is such a great way to build important supporting muscles and to work big muscles in new ways, increasing your coordination, and forcing your body to work differently as compared to running on a hard surface.  For ladies, of course, another benefit are the hunks ala Matthew McConaughey running towards you. It is always advised to keep to the wet, firmly-packed flatter sand near the water versus the slopes where a lot of injuries can take place on the dryer and looser sand. i-qb3WBx3-X2Make suns out of limes to make your margarita pretty and festive…..

With all of the running during the day, a girl needs to have some real fun too, right? Enter Amy’s Cabo margarita. We consumed our fair share of incredible fresh fruit margaritas blended in the convenience of our kitchen and had fun mixing and matching a wide range of varieties.i-Vbnh2DS-XLEmails in paradise are easy…..rumor is Kate Spade was staying next door to us

My top choice recommendation for a twist on the typical margarita would be my Cabo invention. It is a very potent concoction not made for the faint of heart. Amy’s margaritas are meant to be consumed with conviction, thirst, and a dash of mischief thrown in. Throw a few of these down the hatch and your clothes will be flying off you (hopefully not in public)…. and yes a good recipe for romance!i-STJxh5C-X2Inside One & Only Agua Mexiterranean restaurant and bar….

Place Don Julio brand tequila, Cointreau orange triple sec, and tons of fresh limes squeezed into a blender. I never use recipes for things and instead invent as I go. I go with what tastes the best. In this case, I poured a ton of top shelf tequila into the blender, followed by a smaller pour of the cointreau, and tons of fresh limes squeezed into the blender. I added some fresh pineapple, ice, frozen blackberries, and frozen strawberries at the suggestion of my husband. The outcome was a gorgeous, perfectly blended, smooth margarita that even non-drinker types would love.

Other highlights included spending some time at the One & Only Pamilla Los Cabos resort down the street from our home which was perfectly decorated for the holidays. The One & Only is one of the most romantic spots I have ever seen…. a place where you make love for hours, where babies are created….you catch my drift! i-7hhmzLZ-X2Holiday decorations appoint a table at guest reception at One & Only Pamilla

Picture queen size floating beach beds suspended above the sand created for two lazy lovers who want to blissfully swing back and forth while dozing off to the crashing sound of waves nearby, cement crescent shape lovers tables for two overlooking the ocean lit with magical candles, private rock caves to hide in and kiss, a spa that is beyond words, and an environment that feels that you are literally the only one there.i-sZk7xM7-XLA lovers table…..candles….cushy pillows…..views of the ocean….set for two

Although we were told the resort was at full capacity, it really felt like each time we strolled through whether for a drink or light bite, we were the only ones there. That is what makes for a spectacular resort experience. I know of a few Linx couples who have stayed at The One & Only Pamilla. i-84DJLXw-XLHubbie and I in front of a tree decorated with miniature pinatas…..

One night, my hubbie, sister, and I went there for a drink and dessert. I told both of them that THIS is the place for a Linx proposal and/or wedding to take place. In fact, the resort has the most charming chapel on the premise. My sister subsequently told me a friend of hers just got married there.i-S8jrSv8-XLFirepits at one of the restaurants….see the lovers table in the back? i-QMgXN2W-XLSanta Cabo style…..i-X4hh6pJ-X2

Ceiling in Cabo…..

The only downside to spending Christmas away from home was being away from our puppy. Luckily he is back from doggie camp and enjoy his own Christmas prior to our departure. photoMarshall enjoying one of his many toys Santa brought him….

Now I am back and catching up on hundreds of emails from many prospects wanting to join Linx for matchmaking. 2012 has been an incredible year. Stay tuned for an entry with a year in perspective.

Enjoy the legendary Gypsy Kings live song of Un Amor….

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you the most glorious holiday season and a very Merry Christmas from Linx.

What do the holidays mean to you? For me, the holidays are about….Warm nights.  Hot chocolate. Fireplaces. Santa. Stockings. Eggnog. Mistletoe. Family. Friends. Laughter. Rest. Decorations. Memories.  Sparkles. Kisses. Sleeping in. article-2207396-14D8F1F2000005DC-865_634x395-11

Spending the Holidays in Your Skinny Jeans

Guest blogger, Jae Berman, a registered dietitian in San Francisco, has written for all your readers about keeping fit and in those skinny jeans for the holidays.

Right now is when our social calendar fills up with fun parties, great opportunities to celebrate with family and friends and the weather makes it so easy to get cozy at home. This is also the time of year when our routine gets off track and our healthy eating habits tend to go to the wayside.

It is very easy to just go crazy this month and tell ourselves we will get back “on the program” January 1st but consider how phenomenal it would feel if you could manage your nutrition, prevent holiday weight gain and start 2013 feeling fantastic.  23224

 Some tips from Jae to help you through the next few weeks…

#1 Exercise

Do not stop working out. Even if it means walking around the block or doing some extra stairs at your house/office/relative’s house. Try to get at least 30 minutes of a workout most days of the week. Walking is always great or consider using DVD at home or in a hotel room, a workout app on your phone or go to a class or gym where you can power out an hour sweat session. Bring your relatives with you! Not only will you burn calories but exercise if a great stress reliever as well as important for your immune system and digestion.

#2 Eat every 3-4 hours

This is key! No matter the schedule or how many parties you have in a day still eat within an hour of waking and every 3-4 hours thereafter. Ideally there would be protein and carbohydrate present so you can give your body everything it needs and you will feel satiated. The ideal scenario is you never walk into a party starving. If you save your calories for the day and start your evening hungry, you are destined to overeat! How to prevent this? I strongly suggest eating right before a party. Say grab a mini-meal at 4 or 5pm before a 6.30pm event. It works! Set yourself up for success and eat every 3-4 hours to prevent getting into a sticky situation

#3 Watch your alcohol consumption

If you drink too much this month you are going to gain weight. It is that simple. Set yourself either a number of drinks per week or a number of drinks per event so you don’t over do it. Drink water in between cocktails to keep yourself hydrated. Lastly, avoid the sweet stuff. Stick to simple cocktails over ice or mixed with soda water or go for wine or beer rather than drinks filled with juice, sugar or cream. Spiked egg nog is so yummy but your hips and butt don’t agree!

#4  Limit your sweets

If you eat every sweet that is presented to you this month you will pack on the pounds. Do you really need every cookie or every piece of chocolate? Just say no sometimes! When you really want a sweet – go for it! But often we eat just to eat or because we feel we should or because someone made homemade cookies or….there are so many excuses! Also, when you have that sweet tooth you may just be hungry! Check in on how long it has been since you last ate and consider getting a snack with protein and carbohydrate and then see if you still need that sugar fix. martinis-636

While this may sound a bit strict, I am confident if you are a bit more mindful in your decisions this time of year you will find even more to celebrate. Enjoy the holidays! Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!!!

For more information about Jae, please go to:

CNN Visits Linx

On December 6th, CNN visited our office in Menlo Park for a camera interview with corespondent, Laurie Segall. She’s a CNN Money reporter based in New York covering startups, innovation, VC’s and all things new and cool. DSC_1556

They contacted me about being featured as part of a story that will air in early January about Silicon Valley culture and navigating the waters as a successful single professional in a geek culture. They wanted me to specifically talk about any trends I am seeing in the Valley, if there has been a noticeable spike in business with all the new money pouring in post FB IPO, and how I get these geeks date ready through “Amy’s boot camp.” DSC_1562CNN also wanted me to host a little mixer where the guests would be comprised of high caliber single tech and entrepreneur types…those who are essentially changing the world right here in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, and San Jose.DSC_1543

It was all very last minute,  so in true entrepreneurial form, I managed to get myself prepared with my interview “sound bytes”, coifed, spray tanned (lol), locate two fun outfits (a girl has to do two looks right…thanks Kate Spade), find dynamic guests who would be OK being featured on camera, and transform my office into a mixer-ready cozy den. DSC_1612The reporter (Laurie), producer, and cameraman were supposed to arrive at 5:00pm to interview me, followed by party guests arriving at 6:15pm to start the party on film. With holiday traffic and general 101 chaos, the CNN crew arrived an hour late. I’ve learned over the years and especially with media, you gotta roll with the punches and just “be.”DSC_1537

DSC_1509My assistant (who also took these pics!) and husband alerted those guests showing up for this little clandestine Linx soiree to come back in 45 minutes. I was so thankful to have the two of them outside helping me (especially as I was getting mic’ed and wired, as well as, really needing to channel my focus to the camera that was about to start shooting) and so appreciative that everyone was super chill and willing to come back no problem.

DSC_1619The interview went really well and was a standing interview compared to a more formal sit-down format. We chatted for about 15 minutes with lots of shared insights, laughs, and had a nice, easy rapport between us. She asked me a ton about the business, how I match, my success rate, the types of clients I represent, if I’ve seen a rise in business with all the money in the valley, etc.

She asked about working with these hoodie wearing nerds and how I transform them. I said “geek is the new chic” here in the valley and sometimes with even 30 minutes in “Amy’s boot camp” they are ready. It is a confidence thing. Sometimes these cerebral types are so trapped in their freakin’ head they have no idea what to say to a woman. You multiply that by woman + attractive + cool + intellectual and these guys are shakin’ in their boots at the idea of even sitting across from their date. A little time with Amy and they are ready to go!DSC_1633At the very end of the interview, she asked me if I am the “new millionaire matchmaker.” In other words, am I Patti 2.0? I paused and said, “I am the nice millionaire matchmaker.” And that was a wrap! DSC_1593All 25 guests poured in, votives in true Andersen style flickered everywhere, wine poured, jazz played, people mingled, munched on food platters I put together (thanks to Trader Joes…side note- they have great tapas cheeses, sliced meats, and so much for entertaining…love love love it), and networked. The camera got a ton of b-roll footage and also got coverage of 4 guests who wanted to have mini interviews. It was so nice to see such enthusiasm that night and holiday festivities in full swing that night!

DSC_1520It appears as though some possible love connections happened that night and beyond romance, a lot of guests reconnected having met prior and those who had not met one another, gained interesting new contacts in the Silicon Valley.

And to quote Ferris Bueller (which I feel is a very representative quote for Silicon Valley), “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” IMAG5820This story is supposed to come out the end of January 2013.