Finding Love during the Holidays!


We had an incredible client come into our office recently ready to focus on finding the love of his life. He is truly one of our favorite “types” here at Linx – think brainy Silicon Valley exec dressed casually, successful yet super down-to-earth, charismatic, globally minded and with the kindest heart ever. 
This guy is in his 30’s, having spent most of his life working on his stellar education and building his super impressive career. This is “his time” to find “the one.” Time is a major factor for him- from not only working long hours but frankly not wanting to spin his wheels with random dating avenues out there.  Beyond this, he is trusting of our ultra-personalized approach and I am that confident he will enter each Linx introduction with the purest open heart and intentions. No games, no hidden messages, no not calling back. If this type of guy is into you, he will let you know and not waste anytime. Like a lot of of “gems” of men, he was referred in by a very trusted source that I know very well and admire. 
These kind of men are the marrying kind and for women it can sometimes be a little tricky to create a substantive lasting connection beyond the first date. Our typical Linx male client is so intellectual that looks only go so far. There is real depth there. In other words, their dream girl is someone who will need to inspire them, challenge them and push them in all directions. She must be driven and independent yet have a firm grasp on the concept of togetherness – having that warmth and compassion to build a strong foundation for a loving and lasting relationship.  Together, they will make a dynamic team and without one another, able to exist but perhaps not be at the fullest capacity they were put on this earth to be.  
Where do guys like this hang out? It certainly varies according to individual but in their free time outside of the grind think: book stores, game night at a friends home,  indoor rock climbing gyms, lectures, continuing education classes, on airplanes (since they travel so much), dinner parties at friends, soccer fields, gym, etc. What this means is you must get out there to increase your chances of finding love this holiday season! Be merry, have fun, and do something different! 
The song selection for this entry is “Without You” by the one and only Mariah Carey

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