Month: September 2012

Ladylike Fall Fashion

We are loving what fabulous fashion blog WhoWhatWear has put together for this Fall. WhoWhatWear  is created for trend-setting fashionistas and their followers and following they have! Our featured song for this entry is a classic. Frank Sinatra- The Way You Look Tonight 
Linx loves the ladylike sophistication and elegance of 50’s fashion. Of course Grace Kelly in Rear Window defines glamour.
You can incorporate any of these classic ladylike looks into your dating wardrobe and make him stop in his tracks, speechless!
Get The Look
H&M Wool Coat ($149)
While a Hitchcock heroine might wear H&M’s clutch coat with a classic pencil skirt, we suggest updating the look by balancing the coat’s voluminous proportions with sleek pants and ankle boots.Zara Silver Voluminous Dress ($90)
The silhouette of Zara’s full-skirted dress is demure and elegant, like many of Kelly’s Rear Window ensembles, but a metallic sheen makes it appropriately modern. Team it with a shrunken leather jacket and lace-up boots for a little bit of toughness.Miu Miu Lizard-Trimmed Sequined Clutch ($1810)
Casual cross-body bags aren’t part of the Hitchcock heroine’s repertoire! Instead, opt for a little clutch trimmed in copper sequins that pack a whole lot of sparkle.

girl. by Band of Outsiders Boxy Zip Front Jacket ($515, 714.962.9749) and Asymmetric A-line Skirt($295, available October 1st)
Look up “ladylike” in any style savant’s dictionary, and you’ll likely find this matching jacket and skirt set. Style it with a pussy-bow blouse and neutral heels for a pretty, professional outfit.

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Leather-Trimmed Gloves ($125)
Elbow-length gloves are not only functional for chilly fall days, they also lend a touch of drama to any look. Slip this pair on to add instant polish to a trench coat and jeans.

Erickson Beamon for Club MonacoEarrings ($150)
Kelly’s character is rarely ever spotted without a piece of statement jewelry, whether it’s a glittering diamond necklace or strand of pearls. We think Erickson Beamon’s chandelier earrings will do the trick teamed with perfectly coiffed hair a la Kelly!

kate spade new york Isabelle Heels ($328)
If you ever got caught in a Hitchcock-esque chase scene, these delicate heels won’t help you run any faster, but you’ll look mighty stylish trying to escape! You’ll get plenty of mileage out of these shoes too, since they’re chic paired with a floaty frock or skinny jeans.—Tiffany Tse

Dior runway photo, courtesy of Dior; Jil Sander runway photo, courtesy of Imax Tree; movie stills, courtesy of Getty Images. 

Searching for the perfect girl for our client

We are searching for single women based in San Francisco who are 28-36 years old. You are any ethnicity, natural, and fitness minded. Maybe you grew up abroad, are open-minded, intellectual, down-to-earth, and fun! Our client is 39, MD professionally, cute, and most importantly desires a girl to share his passion to enjoy all the incredible music here in the Bay Area—especially someone who loves seeing live music. 

As a musician, he is interested in jazz, funk, bluegrass, and beyond. If Gucci, Prada, and Valentino handbags and shoes make you swoon, you probably are not a match. If fantastic tickets to rock-n-roll shows do….you’ve met your match.
Our client says, “I’m inteteresed in is meeting someone who enjoys listening to, playing, talking about, and going to see live music.  It’s kind of like a sport to me (probably a better description than a “religion”)— it’s something I enjoy doing, watching, and talking about.    

I’m looking for someone who loves going to see live music A LOT– for instance this week I’m going to see Hall & Oates, the Red Hot Chili Peppers… and my band is playing (this week).  Someone who would dig hanging out with me for all of this would be like a dream to me.”  

Please email me your leads and ideas. With thanks!

Did you know?

My web designer was in Abu Dhabi recently and reported to me that Linx is blocked in that region of the world! I guess there are no dating sites that are allowed!

Our featured musical selection is The English Patient soundtrack. Every time I hear these songs, I get chills. If you haven’t seen this tear jerker (and I mean a major tear jerker), you gotta rent this love story and brilliant period piece. The musical score is genius. 

According to an expat website it reads, “censorship is still common in Abu Dhabi, with numerous web sites blocked in the emirate. Any material deemed to be offensive or inconsistent with the religious or political or moral values of the UAE is blocked. Skype, pornographic web sites and gambling and dating sites are blocked. However, most of the main social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are accessible.”

How are the Sheikhs going to hear about Linx in the United Arab Emirates?

Trends | Young professionals in Silicon Valley and Beyond

Silicon Valley companies continue to prevail at hiring the most sought-after talent into unique startup cultures and thus at creating the world’s most innovative technologies.

In a recent conversation I had with one engineer working for a hot Silicon Valley startup company, he shared that employees are encouraged to, and actually rewarded financially if they, live closer to the office.

What then happens is that a bunch of the tech engineers at this company choose to live anywhere from one to six blocks max from their work. It’s a brilliant concept for a company to offer to pay an employee an additional 25K annually (I am purely speculating about the amount) and to reap the benefits probably tenfold by having that person essentially never leave a 1 mile radius from headquarters. Work and personal life become completely intertwined and indistinguishable.

Our selection for this entry is Nine Inch Nails Head Like a Hole. I remember listening to this eons ago. Doesn’t he have the sexiest voice? On the Trent Reznor kick, I have a dear girlfriend who once picked me up for a hike in her Mercedes convertible blasting Closer. It was around 7:00am. Awkward to say the least! Her hubbie is an uber successful Silicon Valley engineer. She thinks Trent is king. Maybe she was influenced by her match? What do you think? 

A trend I see time and time again is that a lot of Bay Area based female professionals (typically 20 and 30-somethings) will bear the burden and ungodly extra miles and wear and tear on their car to have the purported “city life” of living in San Francisco while still trying to reap the benefits of a great career in the Silicon Valley. In other words, they would rather be in their car for up to 4 hours a day down to the valley and back to the city in order to have the city options of close proximity to cool restaurants and quick bites, bars and hip spots, and the trendy gym. But beyond the cute cupcake joints and Bi-Rite, I find that it goes deeper… Women are very reliant on living inside their social network of city friends. The dense population of city living compounded by knowing a ton of friends equates to being more at ease socially when there is a large rolodex to call upon for last minute social engagements and, frankly, even just basic things to do on the weekend.  

Conversely, although I am generalizing a bit, Silicon Valley techie types could care less about city living and having close access to their best guy friends or late-night snacks at hipster locals like Delarosa or Nopa. Instead, I find that these guys are willing to completely forgo their popularity and replace it with living and working in the exact same vicinity.

Delarosa and Nopa are quickly replaced with In-N-Out Burger, Chick-Fil-A, and Barracuda Sushi – where meals are about extending work conversations with colleagues outside of the office environment and into simple, quick, casual envionments. There is not necessarily a right or wrong here, just mere observations about the culture in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

What NOT To Do ! Guys Fashion

I am currently en route to a birthday party for a young Silicon Valley mogul. A lot of his guests are on a bus en route to Hearst Castle for an evening of celebration.

Dah-ling…our featured song is an old school one- Right Said Fred…I’m Too Sexy. Don’t you remember playing with your friends walking on the fake cat walk? Ok, maybe that was just me. 

Only in Silicon Valley would you discover a lovely young male bus passenger looking quite dapper UNTIL you realize the tags are still on his sport coat including the stiching still on the back of the jacket from the manufactuer.

Oy vey! Speed dial fashion police dah-ling. Being friendly to all (including the worst fashion offenders), I mentioned it to him casually and he has yet to remove (oddly his GF wasn’t aware either nor has encouraged him to remove.)

Are tags on clothes the “new new” of the who’s who in the Valley?!

Fabulous Sustainable San Francisco Pied-a-Terre for Sale!

I was just dining in Pacific Heights on Fillmore Street and stopped into this new development at 2541 California Street. Wow; anybody looking for a new place in San Francisco (or a pied-a-terre) should stop by and take a look. The units are all 3BR/2BA and have sustainable components to help you lower your carbon footprint; very cool! 

It sounds like pricing starts in the nine-hundreds and they are giving away a free two year lease on a Nissan Leaf to the first buyer that closes! The property features solar, hydronic heat, recycled content insulation, car chargers in the parking spaces, no formaldehyde-based products and low/no VOC paints. The location is tough to beat; a block to Fillmore for all your dining, entertaining & shopping needs.

The units are not yet on the market but you can get a pre-market exclusive showing.

They have a website for contact info;

With Cougar Night In Hibernation, Where Else Can You Romance A Rich VC?

SiliconBeat | What’s next in tech

by: Peter Delevett

As I wrote this weekend, the weekly meat market at Menlo Park’s Rosewood Hotel known as “Cougar Night” was markedly toned down last Thursday, and at least one regular attributed it to a recent (bogus) blog post claiming Palo Alto vice cops had busted “several prominent Sand Hill venture capital executives” for soliciting prostitution.

While it may be too soon to write Cougar Night’s obit, if things continue to be subdued at the Rosewood’s swanky Madera lounge, it would raise the question as to just where enterprising ladies (or lads) can troll for a moneybags tech investor.

We asked Amy Andersen, founder and CEO of Menlo Park-based matchmaking service Linx Dating, where else the lovelorn might go looking for some VC action. Here are her ideas.

1. Restaurant 3000, 3000 Sand Hill Road (Conveniently located near the Rosewood!)

2. Black Rock Desert, NV, “where the VCs do rocketry on a big scale.” (Note: It gives you an excuse to troop out there without waiting until next year’s Burning Man.)

3. Village Pub, Woodside

5. Whitefish, Montana. (Added bonus: You can visit the home of the very tasty Black Star Lager.)
6. The Maker Faire festival of innovation. (Gotta wait til next year, or you can head to the New York event later this month.)
7. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca’s Ferrari racing days or Ferrari Challenge.
8. Stanford University alumni events. (Be sure to pick up a cardinal sweater.)
9. “Board games like Settlers of Catan are big with techies. They host nights at their homes … so you gotta learn the game and get invited.”
10. Madera at the Rosewood Sand Hill –  for breakfast. “Get there at 7 am for the movers and shakers.” (Hey baby, buy you a mimosa?)
I’d add a few more to Amy’s list: the Sharon Park StarbucksCoupa Cafe in downtown Palo Alto; and, of course, the venerable Buck’s Woodside, which master of the house Jamis MacNiven told me last week is as busy as ever. Then again, the open seating plan at Buck’s isn’t exactly conducive to tawdry tête-à-têtes.
What about you? Where else do you go to meet venture capitalists — either for flings, or for funding?

Our feature medley of songs for this entry is Copacabana Deep by Paulo Arruda. 

New to the City | Ways to Make Friends & Attract Lovers into your Life!

Dear Amy, 

I‘m 34 years old, in tech, and recently moved to San Francisco from the Mid West. I’m a pretty simple girl with honest values- think cornbread, apple pie, and balancing my checkbook every night before bed! 
Being new to the city and a city in general (always lived in pretty small towns), I signed up for a few different online dating sites. What I seem to keep running into is that I struggle feeling the chemistry with these guys but overall, they are really nice yet not for me. The good girl Mid West part of me hates to let them down after a date and share I’m just not feeling it. Is it OK to keep some as friends and how do I do that? 
A:  Welcome to the Bay Area. I am huge into telling friends and clients to always do at least 2 dates to really see if that chemistry can develop. My question to you is, are you giving each of these chaps a fair chance or writing them off too quickly. Remember that chemistry can grow in all sorts of funny ways and in order to see if there is something there, you need to go out a couple of times. If you follow my plan and do two dates and still feel nothing, by all means you can keep whomever you like as a friend. The question is, will he want to?! Rejection on whatever level is a sensitive subject and not easy for guys to handle with their ego in the way.   
A girl who is new to the city can never have enough good friends in her life, so one way to go about this is to pay him the biggest and most genuine compliment you can after your second date. Do this in person and not over email and definitely not text.
After the compliment, pose a question to him, inquiring if he is feeling the chemistry. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Get a conversation going. Then go in with the “I’m not entirely sure if the romance thing is there for me 100% but being new to the Bay Area, I’d like to keep you around, even set you up with a friend at some point. What do you think about that?” 
After you do this, your plan of action to not only keep him as a new friend but instantaneously get your name on the social map in the city is to be hostess with the mostess.
Our featured song for this entry is Sarah Vaughan Whatever Lola Wants by Gotan Project. This is a great song to get you into the party mood and to crank up at your soiree.
After your conversation with him, immediately get to work and don’t lose any momentum. Plan a festive and intimate party with him.
Have him invite 2 professional guy friends (if you are 34, their age is max early 40’s) and those guys invite 2 professional girls (ideally under 40) and those girls invite a friend each. Have everyone collaborate over email and each person brings an appetizer and bottle of wine under $20 from around the world. 
You host the party on a Friday or Saturday night and make sure your home is sparkling clean, candles lit, fun music on, and ready for your new friends party!  In doing this, you will meet new friends, possibly meet a cute new guy who you will feel that chemistry with, and feel welcome in your new city by the Bay!
The email invitation reads something like this: 
Who: Amanda Smith and Craig Baylor
What: Drink your way around the world and meet new friends for some networking, friendships, and fun
Where: Amanda’s new city apartment on Jackson street.
When: September 22nd at 6:00pm
Why: Everyone needs a reason to have fun after a long work week and I’m new to the city!
Please bring a bottle of white or red wine under $20 and it must be from out of the US. Think Australia, New Zealand, South America,
Iceland?!  Feel free to bring an appetizer too. I will be making my favorite artichoke dip and savory cheese fondue as well.
Please bring a friend of the opposite sex too!
Parking is grim, so cab if you can or roll the dice with parking.
See you soon!
Amanda and Craig
If you try this, you are guaranteed an entertaining night and to get on the social grid. You will be considered by these new friends to be a sophisticated catch, who is sweet, social, friendly, and smart.
The word will buzz around and next thing you know, the boys will be calling.  This social strategy for meeting new people could be applied to even those who are in graduate school programs at Stanford University. What a great way to meet new prospects for friendships and love!
And no concerns if you have a tiny apartment. At the end of the day, your guests will be thankful for the invitation and don’t care about a small space. You can move tables, chairs, stand around, ask the guys to help move furniture if needed. No excuses! Now get party planning and report back to  I want an invite too! 😉