A New Clients Perspective On Her Interview

I was both excited and a little nervous about meeting Amy for the first time.  I was impressed by the process leading up to the meeting so I was looking forward to taking the next steps towards possibly finding love, but I was also about to share a lot more personal details with a person I had never met before. 
As soon as I drove through the gates of her property, I was surrounded by serene gardens with flowers blooming.  It reminded me of arriving at San Ysidro Ranch and leaving the world (and Menlo Park) behind.  Amy’s salon is a cross between a living room in a French style cottage and summer home on Martha’s Vineyard. 
There was a comfy couch for me to sink into, snacks and drinks.  It was like arriving for afternoon tea at a friend’s home.  The charming room has a rustic, lived in elegance with colorful motifs.  My favorite was the hand painted “Je t’aime” sign.  From my couch vantage point, I could see the trees swaying outside and I was enjoying some shaded retreat from the afternoon sun while talking to a friend about what I was looking for in a partner.  
Amy’s warmth, her hospitality and her delightful cottage made it very easy for me to relax, enjoy myself and talk about love. ”  
New Client of Linx Dating summer 2012

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