Love outside of Linx

Today I received such a kind email from an old client who shared with me how our conversation had really helped her find the love of her life.

“I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I worked with you early on when you first started Linx.  You said some things at our meeting about how easy love can be – the kind of love that is respectful and mutual.  It always stuck with me and I wondered if I would recognize that kind of love if I ever saw it.  Well, my sister met a doctor in the ICU last year and immediately thought we would hit it off.  It took a year for us to actually meet back in  December 2011, but we did hit it off immediately.  And it’s just like you said it would be: committed, kind and supportive.  It’s wonderful to feel so loved by someone else and to love the person in return.  So, I wanted to say thanks for that; your wisdom was a paradigm and benchmark for me for years.”

This goes to show that sometimes a new client doesn’t find their true love at Linx but on their own. The pearls of wisdom we share can help them ultimately attract the right person into their life when the timing is perfect.

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