Scratching the Surface of the Horse Community

My sister and I enjoyed a leisurely Saturday taking a horseback riding lesson in Woodside. She is eligible and in her mid 20s and I have been trying to expose her to ways to connect with intelligent and well rounded men outside of the vapid San Francisco bar scene of hook-ups and tequila shots.

She was blown away by this friendly horse culture in Woodside and I was so happy she not only did a phenomenal job her first time on a horse, no less, but got to meet a lot of really nice horse lovers – hunters & jumpers, polo players, and even a guy who was reining in an arena.

She chatted with one totally hunky guy at the arena before he was going to play a polo match. At first he was a little aloof and then loosened up and was very nice. After, Ash and I grabbed brunch after at The Woodside Bakery and a perfect specimen of 6’5″ gorgeousness in polo regalia locked eyes with her as she ate her
turkey sando.  White pants, brown leather boots, leather belt, and polo top. A total hunk-spotting in Woodside and goes to show she would literally never meet this type of guy in San Francisco. Turns out he was visiting a relative and had flown in from Houston. 

My sister is a creature of habit and doesn’t necessarily like the unknown and trying things that are not in her comfort zone. It was a great exercise for her as a single girl who is seriously looking for a good commitment-minded guy to try something new and in a healthy, fun, environment. A new world, serious eye candy, and a great thigh/butt workout too that you can’t get from the gym!

My advice for any eligible woman out there is to disrupt what you are currently doing and put yourself in different environments than you would normally do. Join a coed cycling club, a hiking club, take a horseback riding lesson, or start a coed book club.

These are excellent ways to meet potential suitors that you wouldn’t necessarily bump into online, through a friend, at Philz coffee, or at work. If you don’t like it, try a new activity. Men love women who are well rounded and passionate about hobbies outside of their career. Even if you don’t find it to be a way to meet genuine guys, perhaps you will find a new interest and hobby you never knew you would be interested in!

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