Day: January 21, 2012

This Weeks Featured Impressive Clients

January has been a tremendously exciting month at Linx with tons of new members joining of all backgrounds and ages. Check out some of our select featured members joining this week and see if you might qualify as a good match. Should you like what you read based on these high level bio descriptions, please write me asap and seize the chance of finding love today, the old-fashioned way.

Our first featured client is a mid 30’s Caucasian renaissance man. He is good-looking, 5’10”, athletic, and fit. Stanford educated and running his own business, as well as, investing on the side, his personality profile is that of a risk-taker, entrepreneur, go-getter, and someone who will always march to the beat of his own drum. He is not a conformer by any stretch of the imagination. His heritage is Italian and he loves the assume the role of the caretaker and alpha male in a relationship. He is strong, extremely quick-witted, and leads his life with passion. He has never been married and looks forward to having a family one day. If you desire an uber confident guy, who loves the good life (amazing wine, lux travel, good dining, cooking, etc), is successful, sharp, and knows what he wants and goes for it with 100% perseverance, he is your guy. It was very obvious to us that he was raised well- with manners and class (this includes being huge into giving back to the community and always thinking of others.)  His dream girl is 28-37 or so, exotic, and super fit/sexy. She is brainy, traditional/yet modern, confident, assertive/strong, and very warm and nurturing. Our client is based in San Francisco. The archetype for this ideal match is Maria Bartiromo.

Our next candidate is an insanely brilliant and pretty early 20’s Persian girl. She is seriously “the whole package.” She has voluminous dark brown hair, 5’7″, and a slender yet curvy feminine body. A former model as a side hobby, she knows how to carry herself with grace, poise, and class. Family values and locating a match who has an excellent relationship with his family is of extreme importance to her. She is Ivy League educated including her masters degree and works in biotech. She excels at everything in her life is not satisfied unless aiming high and dreaming big. Personality wise- she is so sweet, loving, soft-spoken at times, and has a pure heart of gold. We were so impressed that although in her early 20’s, she is so mature and a total class act. Her ideal match is up to 33 years old, Caucasian or Persian, and tall is desired. He places value on looking good, opting for nice tailored clothes versus the Zuckerberg hoodie/ Silicon Valley lax look. Her match is strong yet caring, confident, romantic, and has a high energy level like her. Ideally he is educated at a top school and aiming high in his career (never complacent or ok with the status quo). If you are desiring a perfectionistic, elegant young lady who can hold her own in any situation, is deeply intellectual, and super sexy to boot, email us. The archetype for this match is a Persian prince or young Persian American success story.  

Our next impressive client is a mid 50’s semi-retired woman who oozes a joie-de-vivre and loves life!  She’s had a tremendously successful and well-known career and now with kids out of the home, she’s an empty nester who is looking for companionship.  She is Caucasian, petite,  attractive, and disciplined working out 5 days a week. What seriously struck a positive chord with us is despite her having had such an impressive career where a woman needs to be strong and assertive, she is so warm, down-to-earth, and incredibly loving. Our client leads her life with integrity, Christian, values, and places a huge importance on her friendships and family. Passions include: good red wine, skiing, the beach, art, intellectual conversation (she is Ivy League educated), laughing, fitness, travel, and country music. Her match is first and foremost a gentleman who is up to 64. He is Caucasian, with a rugged, masculine look and warm eyes. Maybe he is a renaissance man like herself and can throw on dusty cowboy boots, kick some dirt around, and drink icy cold beer listening to good music or be confident and interested enough to hold his own at a dinner party. If you want to meet a woman who is genuinely interested in other people, incredibly smart, funny, and a massive overflowing heart filled with love…write us. There aren’t a lot of women like this client in particular. She is a woman to love. The archetype for her ideal match is Bruce Willis or Dennis Quade.

Our final featured client is an early 30’s Chinese American gentleman who is Stanford educated, fit, and ready to find love! He admits that up until this point, work completely consumed him and he has no time for thinking about dating. Fortunately, it is all about timing for guys and this is his time. Having recently sold one company to a public tech company, he is now serving as an exec at a healthcare startup and tinkering with other ideas on the side.  What impressed us with this young client is that with age comes maturity and seeing the “big picture” in life versus being consumed by the material world. His career mimics his mission in life which is to help others less fortunate and help save lives. This global outlook and compassion is what makes his young man so impressive. Beyond these great attributes, he is funny, international, cerebral, and passionate. His dream girl is up to 33 years old, Asian American, innocent looking, and cute. Ideally she is very well-educated (Stanford would be the cherry on top) and is always challenging herself in her professional and personal life. She has a great relationship with mom and dad and cares about her friendships too. She is understanding, patient, and flexible- largely as our client splits his time between the Bay Area and China. If you are looking for a guy who is a non-game player, loyal to the core, and ready for something serious…this is your match. The archetype for this match is an older Jessica Mah.