Day: January 11, 2012

A Commitment phobe is a commitment phobe…..

One of THE most telling signs of a commitment phobe here at Linx is the prospect who just can’t commit to the process. They flake. They can’t grasp driving down to our offices, can’t seem to envision that this is a business and it actually costs money to join, can’t see to process that there is a methodology and they would need to do an application and interview.

The commitment phobe postpones, he/she makes excuses for needing to reschedule, cancels last-minute, and often conjures up some grand story about meeting someone recently and how he/she wants to focus on that person. Did they not read the fine print at the end of the basic screening questions saying

Note, as excited as Linx Dating is to have you as a prospective client, and as much as we encourage you to keep your dating options open as you date casually through other channels, we ask that you NOT move forward with our process if you are dating someone seriously that has a substantial probability of progressing into an exclusive relationship.  This can lead to a waste of everyone’s time.  If you feel that you might fit into this category, please state any details below and we can discuss it.

It becomes a blessing for everyone that the process filters this type out. WHY? Well for one my tell-tale sign is if someone cannot commit to our unique proprietary process of admission, why on earth would they commit to anyone for a relationship let alone marriage. It saves us matchmakers who work tirelessly behind the scenes pretty much 24/7 a lot of grief too.

So remember that a network and company like Linx is the anthesis of a or casual encounter you might have meeting someone at a bar or event. The system weeds out those who can’t fathom that there is a science applied to the art of our very skilled and honed matchmaking. This is for a caliber of men and women who are sick of games, tired of phony types, and crave something real, to the point, and genuine…where everyone is an equal and desiring the same “end goal” as one another. How refreshing. There is no guessing or wondering involved.

Everyone Needs To Sparkle!

A good friend of mine always says “dating is a skill” and requires time, practice, and a good attitude to boot! For someone who has been out of the dating scene for some time, many can forget to turn their flirt switch ON. For a lot of people (especially coming out of a marriage), the flirt switch has been in “off mode” or “nonexistent” mode for years- maybe even decades. Sound familiar?

Getting prepared for dating is a big part of leading up to ultimately meeting the one. Everyone needs to rev up the engines and learn what it means to sparkle and shine in the dating scene. To sparkle is to walk into a room and be at ease with yourself.  In other words, it is to be introduced to someone who is particularly intriguing and do more listening and actually, genuinely show interest in getting to know that person. It is to show whoever you meet that you are passionate about something. You’re skilled at archery, love to dance, just mastered a calligraphy class, are conversational at Italian and are taking a cooking class in Italia this summer since you love to cook! 

There is a magnetism to you. People will be naturally drawn to you. Why? You are confident. You are sexy without saying it. You have a rich and diverse life. You are good at what you do. You are humble and down to earth. You don’t need to get the last word in. You are the whole package. It is this type of person that brings many into their dating net. Why not be prepared to attract all sorts of people into your net and then get to figure out who might be a good match by dating them, getting to know each person, and taking it slow.

The Linx team are highly skilled at getting many professionals all around the Bay Area date ready. If you feel you might benefit from a short crash course at our office, please contact us. We often prep you at the offices and then take you “into the field” to do some real-life put the skills to practice work. We promise it is actually a ton of fun and extremely transformational.