Day: January 10, 2012

This Weeks Select Featured Fabulous Clients

A quick post to share some high level insights into this weeks featured clients we are meeting with. What an impressive group!

For the highly accomplished and intellectually ravenous guys out there, we met with an absolutely “whole package” “are you kidding me” “WOW” “it girl” today that kicked off a great week. She’s early 30’s, an East Coast transplant whose is huge into world travel, literature, throwing fab dinner parties, family, fun, and any fun to be had. Never one to say no to an invitation, she just returned from a sophisticated and chic adventure in Africa with friends. Our client is Caucasian, blond, has an envious figure, and an incredible sense of style (she lived in Paris after all).  She has a big bubbly and extremely witty personality and is ready to meet Mr Right.  Besides being really feminine and sweet, what blew us away is her poise and comportment. She can hold her own in any- and we mean any situation. Mr Right is intellectual, highly accomplished, funny, charming, and did we mention really smart? She will go up to early 50’s in age. Email us today to see if you qualify to meet this impressive globe trotter who is SF based.

Another impressive client an early 50-something gentleman who is easy on the eyes to say the least. He has a confidence that will make any girl weak in the knees coupled by piercing blue eyes and rocking’ bod from lots of surfing (and he is tall too.)  He’s super successful, well-educated, and is huge into giving back to his community. His philanthropic heart and devotion to meet Mrs. Right has us rooting for an engagement for him in 2012!  He lives his life with a strong moral compass, Christian values (granted not religious per se), and seeks a leading lady to make his life even brighter. His match is 30-40, any ethnicity, slender and fit is key, very feminine, and stylish. His dream girl is poised, classy, smart, and erroring on a little more traditional. His focus is to find his match, get married, and have a family.  Our client is based in Sacramento, although has a pied-à-terre in San Francisco. Email us if you know anyone who qualifies.

Our next client is an early 30’s young lady who models in New York while managing to get her masters at Columbia. Originally from Eastern Europe, she moved to the US with her family over a decade ago. Bright, very articulate, and with high energy she is looking to Linx to help her locate her dreamy Silicon Valley geek. She explains the guys in New York are players or slick and that is precisely why she is willing to do what it takes to find love on the West Coast. She is Caucasian, blond, very pretty, and rocks any piece of clothing she wears. Beyond getting her degree, she is totally willing to relocate for love. Her dream match is Caucasian, nerdy, successful (on the right track and earning his stripes), funny, family oriented, and ready for love. She’s a sweetheart and will balance out an engineer type extremely well. Outgoing and used to be in front of the camera, she is fine being the more social one in the relationship. Email us if you know anyone who makes a good match for this gorgeous girl.

Our final featured client this week is a 50-something divorced gentleman. He is a devoted father to 2 teenagers and when not spending time every other weekend with the kiddos who require his attention and love, he indulges himself by surrounding himself with good friends, dining, nice cocktails, hiking, light travel, and tons of winter skiing. After coming through divorce, he has done a ton of work on himself and understanding every nuance between the genders down to body language. He is deeply analytical, intense at times, successful (close to retirement in a few years), yet really a big sweetheart teddy bear who is seeking a wonderful woman to spend his time with. His match is 40-50 something, petite or slender is a must, feminine, and natural. She is super sporty and loves the outdoors as much as he does- if not more. If you dream of fresh morning powder and a hunky guy to ski with, you might have very well met your match. His match is located in Marin or San Francisco, no exceptions. Beyond this, his dream girl has a good energy about her, is kind, sharp, and has her own thing going on. Ideally she “gets” the major responsibilities of having kids as she has kids too. He would love a partner to commiserate with about being a parent.  Email us to see if you qualify today.