December Updates

The weather is cold and crisp this December in the Silicon Valley- admittedly we desperately need rain and all the skiers are bouncing off the walls bonkers for some decent snowfall. Typically in the world of matchmaking it is s-l-o-w towards the end of year. People are focused on heading back home to see their families, waiting in the endless twisty long line at the airport, wrapping last minute gifts, snuggling up with a good book next to the fire, and attending the final ugly sweater bash of the season. Spiked eggnog sounds mighty good right now.

This December in particular has been a whirlwind of new members from all over applying for membership (from a new young VIP residing in Hawaii, to a 50’s DC based client) and continues to be a steady stream of requests for “match me” emails to yours truly 24/7 and calls even at 10:00pm on Sundays. I don’t really know why this holiday season is different compared to the past 8 years of running Linx- or however many years it has been as it has flown by so incredibly quickly!

In between throwing a very successful December Link & Drink, moving offices to a gorgeous historic property, interviewing pretty much non-stop, receiving marriage bonuses from happy wedded clients…I have learned a lot from what men and women are saying- and doing! 

I am thankful more people prove to be open-minded and realistic about their ideal match. The once long list of must haves can be shredded before members enter our door at Linx and part of me feels people want to chuck the long list in lieu of a refreshingly condensed list of a few key elements for a truly long-lasting match. I say Amen to this shift in Bay Area dating!

This new generation of realistic clients who agree that less can be more prove to be the successful ones at coupling up quicker as compared to the picky, never seem to be satisfied types. Some of our former clients whose memberships have expired and they’ve gone their separate ways still prove to be relentlessly choosy, unrealistic in their expectations, and yes…still searching and very single. Now that’s not to say we don’t have some the bar is VERY high types of clients who I have hoped for many months would relax some of their criteria. Some people just don’t like budging.

A lot of Linx guys have really tried to make things work with their Linx matches this holiday season. Sometimes things are meant to be and they declared their love to her and other times they know it isn’t right to keep dating and have subsequently really evolved in an adult and compassionate way to properly close the loop and not lead girls on if it is not meant to be. As a trusted confidant for many of my clients, these guys feel beyond safe to spill out their feelings, often revealing feelings of something unsettling, a little guilt, anxiety, or whatever may be giving them pause. On the flip side, many seem to have overwhelming feelings to elation and major excitement- rendezvous to Paris for the weekend to sip champagne, private jets to watch their fav sports team with box seats, and backstage passes to U2….these guys go ALL out!

I have helped a lot of Linx ladies who have been quick to press send regarding urgent emails to me about their relationships with their Linx matches. Although I have expressed this time and time again, serving as the conduit between two clients is probably THE most important aspect of my job beyond the actual match. Couples can quickly get derailed from bogus stuff, high emotions, pressure of wanting to settle down quick, or trivial things like communication faux pas being too much or too little.

One of the hilarious highlights of this month in typical male fashion was a couple of weeks ago after a new male client interview. Somewhere in between my office and his home in San Francisco, I got a phone call from the new client on the road as he wanted to share something “really important” that he somehow forgot in the meeting. I am thinking to myself- no problem…. he forgot integrity, maybe giving back to society, perhaps a voracious reader like he is, or must love pooches. Nope. He said, “Amy, I forgot, nice boobs. Please make sure she has good size boobs.”

Happy holidays!

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