The Busiest Time of Year

I can’t believe it had been nearly a month since I last blogged and even this entry needs to be short! The last month has been a whirlwind of travel, throwing a spectacular Link & Drink with over 400 professionals, moving offices to a old world historic property, weddings to attend, tons of date coaching, and an extremely high demand for matchmaking!

I will be featuring some of our new VIPs on the Linx site soon- and VIPs of all ages and backgrounds. Today we interviewed a handsome late 50’s gentleman and a 38 year old incredibly well rounded and super funny woman. Tomorrow is a big interview for a new young handsome VIP who is 33 and flying in from Hawaii to meet with me. Wednesday we have more interviews, Thursday is a 50 something divorced Dad of 4 from Marin followed by a 30 something very pretty engineer female. Friday is a visit from one of my married clients to say hello and toast to her newly wedded blissful state. I must say a great week!

January will be a huge month at Linx with a ton of new clients and matchmaking right and left. We are so thankful to have had THE most memorable year in 2011 and once things slow down a little bit (next week?) I look forward to writing some more. A day in the life of a matchmaker is pretty insane and the work never seems to end, nor the demand. Balance? What is balance I ask?

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