Sexual Tension in the Early Stages of Dating

Today I received an email from an attractive, successful, and genuine 30 something male client. He shared how his recent date went with his Linx match and shared that there are so many positives (she is smart, pretty, fun, engaging, family centric, and easy to be around). Thus far, they have had dinners together and a walk in the park. As I read his email I was thinking to myself fabulous….so what’s the problem?

He went on to say that although it has only been three dates, he isn’t sure if she is sensual and that there is a chemistry between them. This continues to mark  an interesting position that I stand in between my clients hearing my  female clients feedback and what the male client says. For this couple in particular there was something about his email that was almost palpable. It was as if  I has been on the date with them (especially considering that I had received her feedback too)- I totally GOT it and had the perfect solution for them.

Note, she had emailed the most positive things about him really trying to understand him and honestly give this unique match a good college try. In her eyes, maybe he was a bit nervous and guarded….thus the tension continued to build.

I told him there appears to be a sexual tension between them and that he needs to stir the dating pot, throw some cayenne pepper into the mix, and shake things up between them. The dates thus far have been great but erroring on the perhaps too proper and stiff side. Instead of repeating the series of more formal dinner dates that seem to be fun but quite stagnant, sassy matchmaker Amy is encouraging them to essentially get their groove on so as to see if there is any something something there.

This couple has a 1950’s feel to them and I can see how she doesn’t want to be the first to make a move and I think he is trying to be a total gentleman at the same time. Even in the 50’s, someone had to make a move- hand approaching fluffy poodle skirt while parked in car.

My advice was to get on the dance floor together for the next date and see what happens. Dancing is an excellent sexual ice breaker for many couples. Shake it up, don’t worry if you have two left feet, laugh, sweat, have fun, and get physical together. If there still isn’t anything after a fun night like this, then it is best to probably close the loop with one another.

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