International Wedding at Stanford

I had the pleasure of attending a stunning wedding recently for two of my lovely clients who got matched, engaged, and married all within one year. It was held at the Stanford Memorial Church and was a very sophisticated blend of European and Asian modernity.  


The wedding itself was short, to the point, and executed with precise clock work as the guests would only expect knowing the happy couple. The bride looked radiant and incredibly happy in a strapless gown embedded with small sequins in the skirt. Her veil was just below the shoulders, bouquet cream color roses and peonies.

The reception was held at a local private country club and the 150 plus guests filled the room having flown in from Europe, Asia, and Miami to name a few. There were funny toasts, emotional toasts, and one of the highlights was seeing the Stanford University Fleet Street all-male a cappella group perform while dinner was served. It was an unusual surprise that you wouldn’t generally expect and a nice ode to the brides alma mater and close ties to the university.

I loved seeing my couple do their first dance and be so incredibly happy together. My love goes out to them for a lifetime of happiness, many blessings, and much more. 


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