Ease of communication early on

Today there has been considerable demand coming from women in their 40’s and 50’s soliciting my advice on how to handle communication with their dates early on in the beginning stages of getting to know one another.

A perfect example is a first date goes very well. He follows up with her with a flirty email saying had a great time…let’s do it again soon. She writes back the next day saying “that sounds great…when were your thinking?” The dilemma is there is no response back. So it leaves these women wondering is he too busy for dating and a relationship, did he forget and get distracted, or is he not that into me and was just being polite hoping I forget?

Someone could make themselves sick going through all the iterations but the upshot is there is a solution to everything in life- especially when it comes to dating. The solution ladies is to be BOLD, SEXY, and CONFIDENT with a “I don’t give a shit” attitude. Believe it or not, men actually respond really well to this.

You might wish that he was more responsive, orchestrating the perfect outcome, a rabbit in a hat, a dance with Fred Astaire, a kiss that lingers for hours with fruit right out of 9 1/2 Weeks. Why not create all of this for yourself by effective and ease with communication without putting too much thought or stress into it?

The perfect strategy is to wait a couple of days to follow up. This is under the scenario that I explained before where he writes, you write, and no response. So wait two more days and then write something completely random and offbeat as a follow up.  It could be have you noticed the sky is green today, I accidentally put diesel in my engine yesterday instead of premium, and I made an incredible coq au vin this past weekend that you would have loved. By this…you are capturing his attention and subsequently hooking him back into the conversation.

After your random statement then you get back to baseline and say something to the effect of “did you mention Tuesday or Thursday for getting together….7pm, right?” And this could be completely false as he never mentioned a time but it is your boldness  and “I don’t really care” attitude  that will snap him back to full attention.

Too many people fixate on the right message and the perfect grammar. Most men don’t care about this. Men respond generally well to random, nonlinear, and unconventional. It is THIS type of woman that will stand out from the rest and have him drop everything else he is doing to really take a serious look at if there is some potential with her.

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