Silicon Valley Genius

I had the pleasure of connecting today with a 32 year old guy who is quite good looking…the prototypical Silicon Valley genius that all these venture capitalists are drooling over to back. He’s in a very sweet position where we was at a very well-known tech company prior to his new venture and doesn’t need to cash…in fact along with his co-founder they are seeding the whole deal themselves.

Harvard and Stanford educated, he sat across from me almost glazed over thinking about this type of match. These guys are looking for an intellectual like themselves and someone who isn’t after their money. That is a pretty big thing I am hearing from a lot of uber successful Valley guys who have been knocking on my door. They want to meet someone NOW before they get even more successful and at that point I suppose it is hard to know if someone is with you for the right reasons.

At the same time they want attractive (duh) and someone who is classy, presentable, and often the one to do the social calendar in a relationship and marriage. At least these guys know their strengths and weaknesses.

He is officially in the network allowing us to search in and out of the database, thus exercising all options. Although I am reporting about a genius geek guy, I have encountered a ton of uber successful Silicon Valley based women craving a man who is confident, can hold his own, and not intimated by the crazy wealth she possesses. The right guy finds this type of woman incredibly sexy and powerful and the wrong guy freaks out as he feels inferior and a ‘nothing’ and ‘nobody’ around her…given her status.

I love my job! Nominate your friends who are successful Silicon Valley types who can’t seem to find the right match!

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