Silicon Valley Dating Heating Up

In the last 3 weeks I have been approached by three TV producers out of NYC or LA who are interested in doing a reality sort of TV show centered around the Silicon Valley- taking geeks to chic, all the men and limited women, the women who can’t find a good guy for commitment and the list goes on. There have been rumors on the internet about castings recently for Silicon Valley professionals who are very successful but “like to party” for a show some producer is working on. It is all very interesting and fun to be part of!

Last night I was at a gorgeous estate in the Los Altos Hills for a VC firm and stood out in a sea of ALL MEN. I would guess there were around 200 men there- of course many were taken but it was a girls paradise at this lovely estate- not only a pretty and aesthetically rich surrounding but a target rich zone of potential husbands everywhere for the single female girl. My sister attended the soiree along with my husband and I think the amount of guys intimated her. Where to begin? How to introduce yourself? 

I would love your thoughts on if you are a single woman going to a cocktail party, how do you penetrate a crowd and start the conversation without sounding cheesy, forced, or fake?

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