Integrity, Strong Values, Responsibility, Education, and Balance

It has been overwhelming lately with the sheer numbers of men and women requesting appointments for meet and greets at Linx to see if they qualify for membership. The common theme has been that men and women are both seeking like-minded matches who encompass a strong foundation like they do including valuing education, independence, what it means to be responsible, being honest, loyal, and hard work.

The finer details that people often think that men and women  are looking for such as he needs to be 6’0″ or she needs to be slender and funny are really overshadowed by these common requests.

I am hearing so many heartbreaking stories about marriages and relationships that fail due to lack of integrity and cheating being  very common occurrences. It absolutely goes both ways- men cheating on wives, wives cheating on their husbands. So the stereotypes that you hear really should be thrown out as I hear it from the actual source and it happens all the time from both men and women. My new clients come in saying that trusting someone is so important and asking if trust is possible after having your heart-broken and world turned upside down.

So many people, women especially who are so incredibly accomplished explain the need to find a man who is an equal….if not more successful than they are. It isn’t that he needs to make more money or that he needs to be smarter for comparison and competition sake at all…what this crystallizes down to is that he is confident being in the presence and quiet possibly married to a brilliant, determined, and very successful woman. 

Many men have told me that they are desiring a woman who has it all going on- physically she is healthy, cerebrally she has it firing in all directions and at the same time she understands the notion of balance. She has the time to focus on the right man in her life. When a family comes into the picture these guys are sharing with me the importance that she actually might want to help take care of the baby versus fork baby off to a full-time nanny as she is so tethered to work. These are really important messages I am hearing and interesting enough they keep coming up again and again.

Consider some of these points as you embark on the path of meeting “the one.” Often it is the core foundation aspects that are THE most important- not necessarily someone’s height, eye color, or he or she attended Yale or not. Is this person honest, do they value learning, do they lead their life with a strong moral compass, are they fiscally responsible, have they ever cheated, can they dial it back and actually enjoy life? Do they laugh and not take life so seriously? 

Yes or No? 

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