Getting to Exclusive

My clients short to mid-term goal is to become exclusive. Getting to this stage means letting go of the long laundry lists of must haves and crystallizing the essence of what, at the end of the day, you simply can’t live without. 

Becoming exclusive can happen really soon for many of my clients since the win win for everyone working with Linx Dating is that coupling up is the ultimate goal. This isn’t for players, commitment phobic men or women…instead people who genuinely have been searching and waiting for the right one to enter their already fulfilled life.

Once you toss the long lists and are willing to relinquish control over the matchmaking process and understand that perfection doesn’t exist in a mate, you are on your way to a healthy start. Many people also need to stop being so trapped in their mind- this right here can create a blockage from feeling emotion and being vulnerable enough to tap into your heart. Once you meet someone incredible, by date three, I believe you can have all of your answers about the majority of core criteria that you are looking for. Making sure he/she has similar long-term goals as you- living situation, work, kids, family, etc. 

Beyond these discussions, there is no reason to keep dating in high volume if you have just met someone spectacular who really captures your heart, affection, and interest. Establish exclusivity from the start and really elevate your relationship to the next level to see if you both can withstand what it takes for the long haul.

Why play games and not get serious? What are you waiting for?

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