You gotta jump ALL IN to find love

There are so many couples connecting right and left from Linx introductions and subsequently freezing their memberships to focus solely on one another.  It’s a very unique situation for a matchmaker like myself as my favorite clients are then “off the market” which is the ultimate end result yet at the same time when they are oh so matchable….there is no more matching them….I’ve done my job! 

I spoke to a wonderful guy today who is just about as high caliber as it gets living in the Silicon Valley and he told me things are going so well with his Linx match and that being with her is so easy. He shared that it is so comforting that they have similar backgrounds and they just have so much fun together. He said, “it’s funny Amy because I don’t elicit anyones advice like I normally do.” I told him that is because it is a really good relationship. After he shared that, I started to reflect back on my various relationships. For the not so great ones, I was always seeking the advice from my family and closest friends, almost deconstructing every word and behavior….why did he do this and what did he mean by that? Those were not meant to be. Being with someone should be easy, where you can be yourself, and where you are never put in situations trying to be someone else because you think the person you are with wants you to look, act, or do things differently that goes against who you really are. If you find yourself tip toeing around, walking on egg shells, silencing how you really feel, or changing in anyway that is not for the better. STOP. 

I have also become privy to yet another couple who has met their match at our Link & Drink events. This couple in particular met at last summer’s Link & Drink party and are getting married this November. It really goes to show to find love you must put yourself out there 100 and “then some” percent and once together, jump all INTO the process to really see if there is longevity there. 

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