The perfect proposal

It has been a whirlwind and very exciting month at Linx Dating. I just received a Save the Date for one of my newly engaged couples which is tremendously exciting! I am sure I will pull a Tammy Faye Bakker with tears of joy at their November wedding!

I’m so elated to report there is another stunning and handsome couple who just got engaged just last week. Theirs is a true love story. After only 4 months and 5 days of being together, they got engaged in the most memorable setting where Linx got to share a massive part of this epic moment in their lives and plan the VIPs actual proposal at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. 

My VIP gentleman client who is in his 50’s called me on August 26th to share he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his Linx match who is in her 50’s as well. He said to me what more does he need to see from her to prove that she is “the one?” I asked him if he wanted my help in planning the perfect proposal and he said “absolutely.” I moved extremely quickly and went ring shopping with him the following Wednesday finding the most exquisite round brilliant diamond set in a one-of-a-kind setting. It is an absolute show stopper and a very tasteful piece of jewelry. I suggested The Ritz Carlton Hotel Half Moon Bay as that location was of particular significance to them.  He agreed it was the right location. 

My VIP client and I drove down to the Ritz and I worked extremely closely with guest relations to find the perfect location on the property which turned out to be the fanciest suite for the actual proposal. I knew my clients didn’t want a public proposal and then worked very quickly to outline his proposal schema on paper and lined up all of the vendors of choice- the perfect floral team from San Francisco, videographers, photographer, catering, music cued, etc. It was a true team effort to pull this off with such short notice.

Working on such a grand proposal and doing all of the event planning has inspired me to launch a new vertical business called Princess Proposals that we will be offering to clients and select referrals who wish to have Linx Dating go behind the scenes and create the most magical day in her life. Unlike any event planner, Linx has the unique advantage of knowing both clients intimately and allowing the span of the clients relationship to truly go full circle from actual introduction, relationship coaching, planning the proposal, and having her say “yes….of course I will!”

On September 9th, I headed down to the Ritz to begin setting the stage for their incredible fairytale proposal.  The floral team and I went with a palette of ivories and greens in the living room of the actual suite and created massive arrangements of green and white vases everywhere. There was a thick ivory rose petal path lined with votives starting at the door and leading up to the actual site of the proposal. The dining room table was covered with amazing bouquets, candles, a tiered seafood platter and Veuve on ice to enjoy before their 5 star customized dining experience. 

As the living room stopped and walkway for the bedroom started we opted for a thick red rose petal path to begin leading up to the master bedroom absolutely filled to the brim with red petals! Candles were lit and the bed was covered in a massive petal heart filled with delicate white lingerie and a love letter to her. The bathroom smelled so lovely from floating gardenias in the tub and bubble bath ready for the couple. Mariah Carey’s I want to know what love is looped softly in the background. This is her very favorite song….

The florist suggested she make a rose bouquet where we would place the ring in and as my client would be proposing he would reach for the bouquet, hand it to her and to her surprise she would see the 4 caret bling.  The entire night was so spectacular and orchestrated perfectly including being invited upstairs to do a champagne toast post proposal. Most importantly she said YES and now they can begin to plan the excitement of living together and spending the rest of their lives together. The photos here are from the actual proposal.

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