The Bachelor in Ukraine

I am in a mushy gushy romantic mood this weekend considering so many of my happy couples informing me of their summer travel plans together, recent engagements, and one in particular that is having me plan a fairy tale proposal! It will be an absolutely magical moment for the couple and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity  for me to go behind the scenes and orchestrate something so extravagant.

As I am researching ideas I stumbled upon a version of ABC’s The Bachelor but what appears to be the very first Ukrainian version of our show  featuring Dancing with the Stars babe Maksim Chmerkovskiy! It is so similar to our one here in the US and features very young (think 21) year old females searching for their dream suitor.  He’s quite the devilish handsome guy making all of the Russian girls hearts melt one episode at a time. 

In the final rose scene his princess in waiting approaches a stunning castle and then her gown gets caught on a pebble or rock as she is wearing a very tight merman style wedding dress with lots of delicate netting. Although completely in Russian and mind you I have no clue what they are saying, I was able to understand someone of it knowing the traditional style of the show and watching body language. She didn’t think her Maksim would propose and then after something like 7 minutes of chatter finally pops out the red box with the ring inside.

Like many TV endings what appears on the shows doesn’t necessarily translate into the fairy tale in real life. Supposedly he is still searching and single. Enjoy the final rose proposal.

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