Where are the guys?

Linx list of: The Best Places in the Bay Area to meet Eligible Men

We know how hard it can be finding eligible men with a hectic lifestyle.  Where are you supposed to go to find men besides a bar or a Starbucks?  The only thing you may get from those places would be a frat boy and a missed connection on craigslist. It is hard finding a great spot to meet people these days but we hope to help with your scavenger hunt , and will give you a couple of our favorite places to meet and mingle. Every “IT” girl needs their place to meet cute and eligible men, we hope our list will help:

  1. Coupa Café in Palo Alto– Bring your computer and chill out with one of their amazing coffee drinks. If you have not been to Coupa you are missing out, it is one of the “IT” café’s in the Palo Alto area with their indoor and outdoor seating you are sure to see at least one cutie typing away and sipping a spicy mocha. If he is geeking out and shy on his laptop wait till he looks up and smile. 
  2. The Four Seasons in Palo Alto- Who doesn’t love the Four Seasons right? And since it is located right in Silicon Valley many single men come to the Four Season’s not only for the luxury of service but for the intimate setting the hotel can make for meetings.
  3. Fairmont Hotel– Weeknights in San Jose. We know we said no bars in the beginning of our blog but we couldn’t help ourselves with this hotel bar. For some reason many cute eligible men flock to this bar on weekday nights, so why not go for a cocktail with a friend?
  4. Undisputed Boxing Gym– This is an awesome combo a gym in San Carlos and hot guys! What can get better than to get your work out on and check out all the buff guys around you? Talk about killing two birds with one stone, you don’t have to even go out of your way to people watch for your match.  Note, go for the 5:30am-7:00am work outs. The babes are there! Soccer moms flood the 9:30am one!
  5. Rosewood Hotel– Thursday nights, we will warn you though it is cougar central and we loathe that expression but it is so true! So if you are ready to fight for a man by all means go and get it girl, but if you are more on the relaxed side of dating we wouldn’t recommend this meeting place for you.

Those are our top 5 places for all of you sassy and fun eligible ladies out there. If you can think of any other fabulous meeting places in the Bay Area we would love to hear about them and your experience! Always try to remember this is about meeting new guys and not a review with your boss in from out of town! Try to have fun while out and about looking for your man. Bring your personal calling cards too and flirt while you are at it!

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