Recruiting women 28-36 for masculine and successful VIP

We are looking for candidates that match nicely for a VIP of ours located in the Silicon Valley.  You are between the ages of 28-36, live in the Bay Area, 5’0″-5’8″, medium to longer hair, very feminine, slender, petite, or athletic and definitely take care of yourself. Friends would describe you as a class act. You are Caucasian, mixed heritage, or Latin.  

Personality is everything for our VIP and you lead with a very feminine and soft side yet have a strong inner core and confidence. You’re close to your family, desire a family of your own one day, and feel really good about where you are in your life- with the exception of the missing man! Friends would say that your heart is always in the right place and you value integrity and always doing the right thing. When you were little you played with your barbies with Ken going off to work and fashionable Barbie at home with the kiddies. As such a more traditional marriage that involves an “alpha male” working hard and a wife either balancing part-time career with family or staying at home in a marriage seems natural and beyond welcome to you. Our client is such a provider type and enjoys taking complete ownership of this.

Religion wise- you aren’t particularly religious maybe more spiritual. You have passions and interests outside of the scope of your 9-5, and maybe those include being active, tennis, volunteer work, spending time with family & friends, shopping, animals, etc.

Our client is an exceptional man in every sense of the word. We believe his strongest assets are his incredible intellect, success, strong values, wonderful sense of humor, and kindness. He is early 40’s, never married, and is represented by Linx as time is a precious commodity and he’s not a bar guy or up for cruising through online profiles. He’s 5’10”, Caucasian, very fit and built like a rugby player. He’s fiercely loyal to those who are close to him, a very introspective and deep kind of guy, and if we didn’t mention funny-  had us laughing when we interviewed him. 

We can share more about his career for those who qualify. He’s in a high profile position and thus we respect the need for privacy here. He is very well rounded with a ton of great hobbies ranging from golf, to reading, writing, sports, and cars.

If you might make a great match for this great guy, or know someone who aligns with this description, email me:

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