Newly Engaged!

I just got word that one of my lovely couples got engaged today!! It was music to my ears as I had been rooting for this couple ever since the end of date one when he said to freeze his membership as he wanted to focus solely on her and not date anyone else!   

What I love about this couple is how very different they are but at the same time share many common foundational aspects that make them a very complementary and extraordinarily uniquely matched couple. Both are from different cultures yet raised with the values of education, hard work, and family.

It was her very first Linx match as a VIP client and his second introduction. Many of my married couples have similar patterns where it is her second and his first or vice versa. They both deserve so much happiness and I feel so honored to have placed this incredible man and women together. 

I feel extremely fortunate that she and I were working very closely together over the last many months. It is my utmost goal of a matchmaker to a client (especially a VIP) to make sure they are on track for their personal goals. Regular calls, emails, lunches, and high level strategy discussions. I provide a firm sounding board, a different perspective, and help my clients reach their ultimate goals of “I Do.” We also did prep techniques of date coaching and wardrobe to get her ready. These small steps lead to new-found confidence and getting in the right frame of mind for dating.

When I first learned of the engagement, she had texted me. I was at dinner with my husband and girlfriend and burst out in tears of happiness and shouted YES!!!!  When I spoke with her later, she told me I have “changed her life.” I have a very good feeling in my gut and strong matchmakers intuition that a handful of other Linx couples will be getting engaged by year’s end.  Mazel tov to all the wonderful Linx clients and happy couples! 

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