Men and Ponytails

In the Sound of Music Maria sings from My Favorite Things about girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, whiskers on kittens, cream colored ponies, and crisp apple strudles. 

Apparently one of the favorite things for men is the simplicity of a woman’s hairstyle- specifically ponytails (the fluffier, the better according to them). When you think about it….how refreshing! Ponytails and pig tails conjure up images of shy grade school girls, tire swings, sticky gummy bears, binders covered in silly stickers, and innocent preteen crushes.

When adult men see women wearing the fluffiest ponytails possible it sets off a flurry of imagery and it happens to totally make them go nutzo. For us women it’s a practical way to put our hair back- I personally live in ponies especially when working out but in boy land it means flirting and sex.

Men seem to have some  uncontrollable instinct around a long pony and love to flip and touch them. On my second date with my now husband I was uber stressed about what to wear as we had a casual date grabbing salads. We joke about it today but it was all very calculated on my end- I donned sweats, a flirty sweatshirt, and pig tail braids…the combo nearly sent him over the edge and sealed the deal.

So pretty girls if you’re looking to flaunt what you got, win big points in attracting men of all ages, grab a rubber band and put that hair up!

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