Matching 50 years old (+)

A lot of people that contact Linx for matchmaking assume that we only really cater to a younger population and don’t represent clients who are 50 and beyond. I have to explain to them that we actually have tons of incredible men and women who are 50 and up seeking out our exclusive matchmaking services. Many of our clients who are 50 (+) are located in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and beyond- such as D.C. and New York. 

As a professional matchmaker, I really love working with clients who are mature. Not only do they possess a wonderful gravitas but most of them have already been married. These people know what they want and typically don’t like dating. I definitely find that there is a strong correlation with those men and women who are older as compared to younger types that couples up much quicker. They don’t waste time, certainly don’t play games, and either make it or break it off early on.

One of my darling couples who met through our services are enjoying a major “next step” milestone in their relationship and visiting his family this week on the East Coast. My dating advice to him (he is close to 60) was to give her a little “her” time away from all of the family festivities (such as a quick mani to recharge the batteries) and to definitely plan a romantic dinner date for just the two of them. Meeting the parents for the first time is a very exciting time but undoubtedly overwhelming and a little scary too. Thus, it is important to give your significant other some alone time and couple time away from Uncle Rick and Aunt Terry. She is a gorgeous and intelligent 50 something and seeing the two of them together is like fireworks being displayed pretty much anytime you are around them! 

We have another couple who finds one another simply irresistible he is mid 60’s and she is late 50’s. Both have adult children and had been on the dating scene for a bit struggling to find good ways to meet successful and interesting singles in the Palo Alto area. My female client had been through significant loss in her life and I knew one of the most important things to locate would be a good guy with a huge heart, a sense of adventure, curiosity about the world, and importantly a very strong EQ. This fabulous couple hit it off instantly and they’re off to a romantic tropical vacation this August. Bon voyage!

If you are someone who is over 50 years old or have a friend who is looking for your match for long-term companionship and marriage, reach out to our network as working with us might map well to your personal goals of finding love again. 


  1. This sounds like a great opportunity. How do people get to meet others like you mention in the blog. Is there a membership??? Would like to know more.


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