Hundreds and Thousands of Available Singles Near You

What is there was a way to know who was single near you?  A way to see if someone is single through a visible or invisible wearable intelligent device that communicates to other devices about who is opting in as a member of this unique ‘singles club’ and who is near you. 

I‘m not sure if it is GPS related or what. Folks at MIT have been working on countless projects over the years on this (last I saw was in the MIThril dept)

I‘d love your thoughts and ideas.  If you are eligible and searching for your dream match, would you wear a visible or invisible device that let others know you are available and potentially interested in conversation that led to a romantic connection? Imagine the possibilities and the endless spontaneous connections that could happen.

Of course if you are having a bad day or are not feeling up for meeting someone, you could opt-out and place your device in sleep mode or frankly not wear it!

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