Recruiting Women 28-35 years old

We are always looking for talented and exceptional men and women at Linx of all ages and backgrounds. This summer has been very busy with an tidal wave of many new members- many of whom like us to search in and out of the network and that is why we recruit…looking for people like you! 

Linx Dating is looking for eligible women 28-35 years old, Caucasian, feminine, pretty, slender with good curves physique wise. You are someone who loves to wear dresses, you adore your heels and at the same time you can dial it back and do the ponytail on the weekends and chill out.

Personality wise, this young lady is spunky, funny, smart, confident, and can hold her own in any social situation. These VIP clients that we are searching for are men who have high powered jobs where many social occasions are part of it. Thus this perfect match needs to be poised and well versed and excited to be part of a very nice lifestyle.

This young lady has her own job and keeps an active and independent life YET has lots of time to get to know a gentleman and likes a man who enjoys traditional courtship and what it means to be chivalrous. These guys definitely don’t tolerate any game playing. They are straight shooters and have hired Linx to locate women who are really serious about meeting their future hubbie and aren’t dating in such high volume.

She is a working girl yet might have fantasies of not working at some point when marriage and babies are in the picture. She is SO ready to meet her dream match who will treat her like a princess!

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to participate with Linx, please email me directly: and share why you might make the cut!

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